How Skateboarding in the Olympics Works

Park Rankings

Street Rankings

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What Are the Divisions and Disciplines?

There's a Men's and Women's division in both Street and Park.

How to Qualify

All sanctioned events earn you points towards the rankings. On that rankings list, countries and regions get a certain allocation of spots in the Games.

In the rankings reports above, your top two points from the 2019 Qualifying Season and your top five points from the 2020 Qualifying Season determine the overall Olympic Rankings. The top three from the 2020 World Championships will be automatically in the Olympics.

  • 2019 Qualifying Events (through September 15, 2019)
    • Park
      • Dew Tour
      • ISO Nanjing
      • World Championships
    • Street
      • SLS London
      • Dew Tour
      • SLS Los Angeles
      • ISO Qinfeng
      • World Championships
  • 2020 Qualifying Events (September 16, 2019 through May 21, 2020)

How Drug Testing Works

Generally, it's performance enhancing drugs that are the focus, not your typical street drugs, although those of course can get you in trouble, too. Find out what's prohibited here.

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) sets the standards and other agencies do the testing and reporting. You can get randomly tested at anytime, even outside of a competition.

Who Runs Things

The International Olympic Committee has recognized World Skate as the governing body running it.