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Personal Information

We track public information like contest results for the entire industry, not just our own events. This information is used to calculate our Global Rankings data and other reports that you have access to as a member of The Boardr. We do not store any credit card information on our servers. For certain skateboarding events, information collected from you is used to publicly report the results of the event you participated in. That includes your name. Additional optional information includes hometown, age, stance, Instagram, and headshot. If you want your profile and all information deleted, you can submit a profile update request to do so at anytime.

Event Execution and Staffing

The Boardr strives for quality and integrity in all areas of skateboarding events from execution, participant selection, and staffing. With regards to staffing, particular importance and careful review are put in place for judging staff. For events where The Boardr is responsible for procuring judging staff, we choose experienced judges who we believe have a demonstrated interest in the most accurate outcome of results for performances in the contest. For events where The Boardr is separated from judge procurement and management, we will communicate any shortcomings or other potential situations we believe may affect the integrity of the event and its results outcome to the proper organization that staffed the judges. Any questions or discussion of past or future events associated with The Boardr can be directed to


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