Road Life on The #BoardrBus

You see America in a whole new light from the road...

The #BoardrBus on the Road to Cali

From NYC to Knoxville to Houston and now onto California...

Shane O'Neill

Primitive, Thunder, Spitfire...

Nora Vasconcellos

adidas, Welcome, MOB, Spitfire...

The Gonz

Krooked, adidas, Spitfire, Indy...

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Recap: Grind for Life Series Presented at Houston by Marinela

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Road Life on The #BoardrBus

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Upcoming Events

Chase Hawk's BORN AND RAISED San Diego Presented by Empire BMX in Association with Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley

June 24, 2017, San Diego, California

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Grind for Life at Huntington Beach Presented by Marinela

July 1, 2017, Huntington Beach, California

Full Details

Vans Park Series Global Qualifiers at Vancouver

July 8, 2017, Vancouver, Canada

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Skaters We Back

We back our favorite skaters by carrying their signature stuff and the brands they work with in The Boardr Store.

Nora Vasconcellos Products in Stock Now

Nora Vasconcellos

Nora is everyone's favorite. Not just because she rips and makes it look good, as you can see in her recent part in the Welcome video. Nora also has a personality that shines through and gives you a laugh every time. She's the kind of person a company hires to take over their social media for the weekend at the same time she's killing it in the contest. We're looking forward to the next skit she puts together, too.

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Stefan Janoski Products in Stock Now

Stefan Janoski

Stefan was every skater's favorite skater before he designed the best selling skateboarding shoe of all time at Nike. After that, he became the favorite of everyone outside of skateboarding, too. The Stefan signature Nike shoe that matches his effortless style on a board has stood strong in skateboarding for over a decade now.

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Boo Johnson Products in Stock Now

Boo Johnson

We've been around Boo since he was little kid coming to our am contests. One of our most memorable moments from those early days is when he dropped the hardflip back smith down the rail on us at a Best Trick Contest. From there it's been nothing but up for Boo, who grew into one of today's most powerful and stylish skateboarders.

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Blake Carpenter Products in Stock Now

Blake Carpenter

We were automatic fans of Blake Carpenter even when he was a little kid coming to our all ages contests we were doing back in the day. Then he moved to California and suddenly exploded on to everyone's radar. Now he's pro for Toy Machine, adding to the long list of great Florida pros that make us proud to be from here.

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Torey Pudwill Products in Stock Now

Torey Pudwill

Our earliest memory of Torey, besides above average skateboarding skill as a small child, was his perfect bowl cut. He was your classic little skate rat turning heads in his hometown park at a contest we did there years ago. He nearly won Tampa Am a few years later when no one really knew who he was yet. Then the pop came. The sky high pop. Combine that with his tech and it's easy to see why Torey is such a standout even among today's top pros. We're also excited about Torey's entrepreneurial spirit and backing everything he does.

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CJ Collins Products in Stock Now

CJ Collins

It's not too often you get the feeling of excitement for the future of skateboarding like you do when you realize the level of CJ Collins talent. Can you think of anyone else that reminds you of young Danny Way? Likely not. CJ is in that elite category.

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