The #BoardrBus on the Road to Cali

From NYC to Knoxville to Houston and now onto California...

Shane O'Neill

Primitive, Thunder, Spitfire...

The Boardr Am at NYC

The #BoardrBus and crew head to NYC for the first stop...

Na-kel Smith

adidas, Thunder, Spitfire...

Nora Vasconcellos

adidas, Welcome, MOB, Spitfire...

The Gonz

Krooked, adidas, Spitfire, Indy...

The Latest

Recap: Grind for Life Series Presented at Houston by Marinela

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Road Life on The #BoardrBus

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Upcoming Events

Machismo Video Premiere at The Boardr HQ

June 23, 2017, Tampa, Florida

Full Details

Chase Hawk's BORN AND RAISED San Diego Presented by Empire BMX in Association with Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley

June 24, 2017, San Diego, California

Full Details

Grind for Life at Huntington Beach Presented by Marinela

July 1, 2017, Huntington Beach, California

Full Details

Skaters We Back

We back our favorite skaters by carrying their signature stuff and the brands they work with in The Boardr Store.

Boo Johnson Products in Stock Now

Boo Johnson

We've been around Boo since he was little kid coming to our am contests. One of our most memorable moments from those early days is when he dropped the hardflip back smith down the rail on us at a Best Trick Contest. From there it's been nothing but up for Boo, who grew into one of today's most powerful and stylish skateboarders.

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Jamie Foy Products in Stock Now

Jamie Foy

Jamie has been turning heads at contests for as long as we can remember. It first started with his signature crazy pink shirt he used to always wear as a little kid. That combined with his larger than average build and of course ripping skating makes for an unforgettable combo. As Jamie got older, his skating got more powerful, and now he's one of today's top amateur skateboarders.

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Na-Kel Smith Products in Stock Now

Na-Kel Smith

The street cred in Nakel is off the charts. His skating alone commands it, but combine that with a unique sense of fashion, being one of the founding members of Odd Future and you have one of skateboarding's most followed characters.

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Shane O'Neill Products in Stock Now

Shane O'Neill

Shane's technical ability on a skateboard is so far above average, that he regularly gets questioned about actually being human. His video parts are mindblowing with enders that you have to rewind to fully process. That button-up with this super clean style also makes Shane one of the most elite street skateboarders of today.

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Austyn Gillette Products in Stock Now

Austyn Gillette

We sum it up for the layperson as "the coolest dude in skateboarding." From Austyn's style, above average snaps, to his attitude and viewpoints on the industry, he's everything you want to be in a skateboarder.

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Omar Salazar Products in Stock Now

Omar Salazar

Super fast and powerful, sometimes it seems almost as scary to watch Omar skate as if you're blazing along with him. He's the inspiration and creativity behind Doom Sayers, one of skateboardings most legit and elite apparel brands these days.

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