Grind for Life Series at Lakeland Skatepark

HiDefJoe has a video recap of a great day of skating from young to old at the first stop of the Grind for Life Series in association with The Boardr. We weren't sure if 1 or 100 of you would enter. Turns out it was 143 with everyone bringing a crew of family and friends for a nice day on wheels with a good sized crowd and great Florida weather to match. Damn, it couldn't have been any better. I'll tell you the rest of the story in my photos below.

Grind for Life Series at Lakeland Skatepark

Posted by Rob Meronek 8 years ago on March 2nd, 2014

HiDefJoe has a video recap of a great day of skating from young to old at the first stop of the Grind for Life Series in association with The Boardr.

March 1 was like the true start to 2014 for us. This growing organization of friends we used to work with came together on this day to throw our first local skateboard shindig of the year. It felt really good to be all back working together under our new home at The Boardr. Joining us for event help this time were Scotty The Body, whose microphone banter combined with Ryan Clements' two cents will have you chuckling to yourself all day long. The jams on the airwaves were Adam Kearley that we reunited with for this event. Porpe and I were digital custodians while Justin Ryan, Jereme Knibbs, and Aaron Austin handled the detailed job of putting numbers to runs and jams for judging.

Thanks everyone. Thanks Mike Rogers for hitting us up late last year to run this series. And thanks to all the GFL sponsors who did everything from sending product, helping to promote it, and helping to make it fun on site all day: Asphalt Yacht Club, Z-Flex, Zumiez, Red Bull,, Indy, Stance, Matix, Tum Yeto, 187 Pads, Syndrome Distribution, Deluxe, Woodward, Nike SB, Bones Wheels and Bearings, Theeve Trucks, Dakine, Mob Grip, and Volcom.

We weren't sure if 1 or 100 of you would enter. Turns out it was 143 with everyone bringing a crew of family and friends for a nice day on wheels with a good sized crowd and great Florida weather to match. Damn, it couldn't have been any better. I'll tell you the rest of the story in my photos below.

Body and Knibbs on Banner Duty
Scotty Conley aka The Body Photo

Banner duty goes down at 8am. We won't be leaving until well after 8pm, but no one's complaining. The Body's return to the mic with us starts today and Jereme Knibbs is on the judging panel.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Lakeland Skatepark Feds Watching

We'll be fresh as hell if the Feds watching. Was this this for us? Nah, I think it was for America's pastime going on in the fields next to us. Next year I'm going to ask them if we can put our judges in this thing.

Harry Fredlund Feeble Grind
Harry Fredlund Photo

Thanks Harry Fredlund for coming out to rip the 9 and Under Division. His dad Scott has been bringing him to skateboarding contests for years. That's a feeble grind right into first place.

Profile: Harry Fredlund
Brandon Delgado Rolling In
Brandon Delgado Photo

Brandon Delgado was part of one of many of the parent/kid teams out there entering their own divisions. Brandon's in the 9 and under rolling in here and his dad Omar skated both the Street and Bowl contests, getting 2nd in both.

Profile: Brandon Delgado
Mongolian BBQ at the Skateboard Contest

Mongolian BBQ was being served up all morning. Get some!

Laura Fong-Yee Feeble Grind
Laura Fong-Yee Photo

Laura Fong-Yee has another first place in the books with this feeble grind.

Profile: Laura Fong-Yee
Ryan Clements and Scotty The Body on the Mic
Scotty Conley aka The Body Photo

It's been a while since these two have been on the same airwaves together at the skateboard shindig. If you where there, you'd agree it went nicely, right? I sure agree and I'm looking forward to having The Body at all these stops for the GFL Series.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Parents and Kids Skateboarding Together
Harry Fredlund Photo

Most of these awesome little rippers also have their parents skating in the older divisions. Of course we all think skateboarding is cool, but when I think about that, it really hits me. Skateboarding is different and just straight up better than anything, isn't it? Crazy. These are the 9 and Under Division winners.

Profile: Harry Fredlund
Parents and Kids Skateboarding Contest

On the other side of that group photo is a nice grew of proud parents.

Keenan Wins 10 to 12 Division
Keenan Lewis Photo

Keenan ripped in the 10 to 12 Division along with Rory, Jake, and Austin here.

Profile: Keenan Lewis
The New Peace Sign
Keenan Lewis Photo

That stance in a photo is like the new peace sign.

Profile: Keenan Lewis
More Proud Skateboard Parents

The next divisions up also have a crew of proud parents. I know everyone says it happens way too fast, but I can't wait until my boy grows up so we can lurk the skateboard shindigs together like this.

Will Schumatti Wins GFL
Will Schumatti Photo

Will Schumatti took it in the 13 to 15 Division.

Profile: Will Schumatti
Female Skateboarders Rule
Laura Fong-Yee Photo

Skateboarding families and a nice crew of girls that also rip. The diversity of the wood and wheels is so good. Laura won it for the Girls Division.

Profile: Laura Fong-Yee
Richard Hatten Hardflip
Richard Hatten Photo

Richard Hatten has a nicely flicked and caught hardflip.

Profile: Richard Hatten
Alex Peavey Frontside Big Heelflip
Alex Peavey Photo

I can't do a frontside big heelflip either way, but I would imagine that it's a little easier doing it switch. Alex Peavey has a super sized one done regular. Damn!

Profile: Alex Peavey
Johnny Reidy 360 Flip
Johnny Reidy Photo

Johnny Reidy's 360 filp and snap is going to grow right before our eyes over the years of doing these Contests.

Profile: Johnny Reidy
Rory Doran Z-Flex Always Radical Award
Rory Doran Photo

Z-Flex gives out the Always Radical Award at each GFL Contest. This one went to one of our favorite young dudes, Rory Doran.

Profile: Rory Doran
Omar Delgado Boardslide
Omar Delgado Photo

Omar Delgado boardslides to 2nd place. Having a 30 and Up Division really set the tone of this whole contest being fun first and competition second.

Profile: Omar Delgado
Jimmy Marcus Street Greek
Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek Photo

Street Greek ripped in both Bowl and Street. He's got it like that with a frontside tailslide on the bump to ledge.

Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek
Mike Rogers Frontside 360's
Mike Rogers Photo

You might have a frontside 360 down a stair set, but how about 10 or 15 of them on flat like Mike Rogers? Thanks again for having us take over the series you started, Mike!

Profile: Mike Rogers
Jake Sykes Switch Flip GFL Lakeland
Jake Sykes Photo

Jake Sykes has a great switch flip.

Profile: Jake Sykes
JP Messner Half Cab Noseblunt Slide 270 Out
JP Messner Photo

JP Messner got this half Cab noseblunt slide 270 out right after time.

Profile: JP Messner
Rob Meronek Shot by Brandon Starr
Rob Meronek Photo

Now I'm on the other side of the camera after handing over my Nikon to Brandon Starr. We're going to get a different view of the Contest through his lens eye. I told him to go get a photo of Buck Smith and some random chill shots of whatever he finds interesting. We used this shot to learn how autofocus works.

Profile: Rob Meronek
Brandon Starr Griptape Photo

Brandon's first photo is a nice Jurassic griptape job.

Brandon Starr Uncle Sam Photo
Uncle Sam Bellipanni Photo

Look like Brandon is an Uncle Sam fan. Who isn't.

Profile: Uncle Sam Bellipanni
Brandon Starr Red Bull Photo

I wonder how many Red Bull's Brandon had all day. He's putting the MXT on blast here. Thanks for bringing that, Cullen!

Brandon Starr Barber Photo

Brandon's photo from the Second 2 None Barber tent. They were giving out free trims all day.

Brandon Starr Mike Rogers Photo
Mike Rogers Photo

Is Brandon documenting this event better than I am? Great photo of Mike Rogers. Thanks for doing one of my jobs for a bit, Brandon!

Profile: Mike Rogers
Brandon Starr Follow The Boardr

Brandon wants you to follow @TheBoardr on all social networks.

Brandon Starr Chris Noel Photo
Chris Noel Photo

Bradon's mean muggin' portrait of Chris Noel.

Profile: Chris Noel
Brandon Starr Buck Smith Stalker
Buck Smith Photo

I found this photo in the camera after my instructions to Brandon to go get a headshot of Buck Smith for me. Looks like he was practicing with a little long distance stalking. Buck is an intimidating dude, even with the mall grab.

Profile: Buck Smith
Brandon Starr Buck Smith Portrait
Buck Smith Photo

Thanks Brandon for mustering up the courage to get a portrait of Buck Smith.

Profile: Buck Smith
Brandon Starr Puppy Photo

Does this mean Brandon wants a puppy?

Brandon Starr Trophy Photo

Brandon's taking a photo of that trophy he wants. Thanks Indy for making these for the entire series.

Brandon Starr Santa Claus Photo
Michael Daly Photo

Old guys do not care about your silly labeling of how boards are grasped. Brandon got a nice photo of Michael Daly aka Santa Claus.

Profile: Michael Daly
The Noel Skateboarding Twins
Nick Noel Photo

Maybe if they started parting their hair in the opposite directions, we could tell them apart easier? Brandon says what's up to the Noel twins.

Profile: Nick Noel
Brandon Starr Alex B Portrait
Alex Bibiloni Photo

Nice portrait of Alex Bibiloni, Brandon.

Profile: Alex Bibiloni
GFL 30 and Up Division Winners
Dave Headson Photo

Okay, the camera is back in my hands now. Thanks for the lens duty, Brandon! Dave Headson won the 30 and Up Street Division. I never thought skateboarding would be this solid for my whole life when I first discovered it as a kid. I still can't believe it. I hope you're skating for as long as all these dudes here and also pass it along to your kids.

Profile: Dave Headson
GFL Street Sponsored Winners Lakeland
Chris Noel Photo

The littlest dude in this photo won the Street Sponsored Division.

Profile: Chris Noel
Grind for Life Series Crowd Lakeland

If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig. The next one is April 12 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Kainalu Canubida at Lakeland Skatepark
Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai Photo

Kainalu Canubida was in the Bowl Intermediate slashing corners with his hands behind his back in between these backside hops over the hip. He's going to grow up to be one stylish dude for sure.

Profile: Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai
Chris Cole at Grind for Life Lakeland
Chris Cole Photo

Wait, Chris Cole was there?

Profile: Chris Cole
Yoda Boneless at Lakeland
Brian Upapong Photo

Yodabomb has the boneless boost like a man.

Profile: Brian Upapong
Dave Headson Rock n Roll
Dave Headson Photo

It won't be long before Dave's daughter Emily is going rock and rolls on the deck proper like this. Emily skated the 9 and Under Division.

Profile: Dave Headson
Buck Smith Lein Air Disaster
Buck Smith Photo

Your classic burly old guy move is a lein air disaster like this one here from Buck Smith.

Profile: Buck Smith
Jairus Rutherford Second to None Barber Shop
Mike Rogers Photo

Jairus Rutherford from Second to None Barber Shop and Mike Rogers. Thanks for the free cuts, Jarius!

Profile: Mike Rogers
Jake Sykes Backside Noseblunt Lakeland
Jake Sykes Photo

Jake Sykes' backside noseblunt was one and done for a first try sequence. Thanks Jake!

Profile: Jake Sykes
Josiah Portillo Frontside Ollie
Josiah Portillo Photo

Josiah Portillo is one of many kids we've watched grow into fine young men over all the years of doing these skateboarding events. He's got a nice frontside air here.

Profile: Josiah Portillo
David Morefield Frontside Nosegrind

David Morefiled if filming skateboarding when he's not ripping at skateboarding. Nice frontside nosegrind on the quarter.

Ali Tawoosi Frontside Tailslide Lakeland
Ali Tawoosi Photo

The chief of the Jitt Squad has a grown man looking tailslide.

Profile: Ali Tawoosi
Layback Salad Grind Mark Davenport
Mark Davenport Photo

Mark Davenport blew minds in the bowl. This layback salad grind is a make and it was insane. Please make it to the next one, Mark!

Profile: Mark Davenport
Nick Wallace Stale Fish at Lakeland
Nick Wallace Photo

Who would have though a Westside Skate Shop rider would be winning the Bowl Sponsored Division? Nick Wallace stale fish grabbed his way to 1st.

Profile: Nick Wallace
Porpe Edged Up at Lakeland
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Porpe took advantage of the Second 2 None free cuts and got his horse mullet edged up.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Tony Walsh Bull in a China Shop
Tony Walsh Photo

Tony Walsh took Red Bull's Bull in a China Shop award with a rolled up Benji tucked in there.

Profile: Tony Walsh
Mark Buncy 50 and Up Bowl Winner Lakeland
Mark Buncy Photo

All these rippers are over 50. Mark Buncy won that division.

Profile: Mark Buncy
Bowl Sponsored Winners Lakeland

I had to use my 53 Pen on the Sponsored winners photo. Mark Davenport is getting beamed up by UFOs with the Lakeland cows. Nick Wallace is slashing with a Samurai sword. Pedro Delfino is Mr. Nice Guy with a halo and angel wings. Titus Massinello has an overhyped shakka. Tyler Coffman grew his beard out. Thanks again everyone who made this a great day of skateboarding.

Binky Conklin on the cover of Frontside Grind Magazine
Binky Conklin Photo

The Editor is blown away that someone made a shirt dedicated to The Mag. That will land you an instant cover.

Profile: Binky Conklin
Guy Hoffman Frontside Grind
Guy Hoffman Photo

Guy sent over this photo of him on a frontside slasher in the 50 and Up Division.

Profile: Guy Hoffman
Guy Hoffman Frontside Grind at Sundown
Guy Hoffman Photo

Another one from Guy on a frontside slasher at sundown.

Profile: Guy Hoffman

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