Registration Is Now Open: Grind for Life Series

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Grind for Life Series in Association with The Boardr is a Florida series of all ages/skills skateboarding contests. You should pre-register now to save your spot. We are certain that most divisions will fill up and have no room for on-site registration. We will do our best to accomodate spots in the more popular divisions that fill up, but space and time is limited. Thanks and we'll see you at the Contest!

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Let me just ramble for a second. When I was 25, I thought I might be too old for skateboarding. I was stupid. When I turned 35 and was still skating just as fine as I was when I was 25, I wanted to reach back in time and slap the crap out of my 25 year old self for thinking that. Now that I'm well past 35 and still pushing and snapping (although much lower), I know the age hurdle in skateboarding is almost purely psychological. Check the divisions in these contests. 50 and up! If you fell off skating because you got "old" in your mid-20's, it's time to get back on that thing before you're truly old before your time, not just psychologically old. Skateboarding is the fountain of youth, ya'll.