Recap: Grind for Life at New Smyrna Presented by adidas

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, April 13, 2015

It was another nice Florida weekend of skateboarding from literally all ages and skills. From 7-year-olds to 53-year-olds and everyone in between, men and women included, everyone ripped. Thanks for coming out to another one. With HiDefJoe on the west coast working on other projects, filmer intern Nate took over on this one and has the video recap along with some photos. Check full results here.

Demarion and his homie Chief Dai Dai, baby rhyme sayer. Thanks for coming to your first Grind for Life Contest.
Profile: Demarion Bailey

You can tell the street section here at New Smyrna is a product of the early 2000's. Everyone makes it work.

The classic tyke move in the younger divisions, the blunt nosegrab.

Bradley Freeman has a nice frontside ollie.

Elijah Allred on a feeble in the shade.
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

Justin Ryan putting in the numbers.
Profile: Justin Ryan

Body has his golf kit on for the big tournament on the greens this weekend.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Harry Fredlund kickflipping up.
Profile: Harry Fredlund

Elijah Allred, back smith.
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

Harry goes in from the top.
Profile: Harry Fredlund

Felipe Duarte on a boardslide with Jaws tongue out.
Profile: Felipe Duarte

Mike has a lineup for that product wheel.

Preston Arey gets the Z-Flex Always Radical Award at this stop.
Profile: Preston Arey

9 and Under Street Winners.
Profile: Dane Dowding

Travis Miller just started skating six months ago and is hooked. His family is backing that and brings him to contests like GFL today. Travis ended up getting second in 9 and Under. Welcome to skateboarding, Miller family.
Profile: Travis Miller

Street 10 to 12 Winners.
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

Street 13 to 15 Winners.
Profile: Keenan Lewis

There was a mixup in Girls results where the Jam order was read rather than the actual results. Sorry about that! We quickly informed everyone and set it straight.
Profile: Meagan Guy

When we sent the text for the trophy plates, New Smyrna was spelled correctly. They came back to us with it spelled wrong. I guess copy and paste lessons are in order at the trophy company. Thanks Indy for making the deck/truck trophies from used boards, many of them from us and friends that skated them in Tampa.

Brandon Yarborough, finger flip lein to tail.
Profile: Brandon Yarborough

Richard Hatten, backside lipslide.
Profile: Richard Hatten

AJ won practice at this one. That's a kickflip back lip newspaper photo style.
Profile: AJ Dall

OMG cute overdose on the sidelines.

Tent city.

Mike's main move.
Profile: Mike Rogers

AJ, flick from the sky.
Profile: AJ Dall

Elijah Allred won the free week at Woodward Skate Camp!
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

Street 16 to 29 Winners.
Profile: Richard Hatten

Street 30 and Up Winners.
Profile: Tony Walsh

Street Sponsored Winners.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Are you looking at Early's grip tape or that stinkbug?
Profile: Early Boggs

Eddie Castro goes for the cover in the deep end. We can't have a sideways format magazine, though.
Profile: Eddie Castro

Jake Yanko on a handplant.
Profile: Jake Yanko

The Boardr Bus vs the Red Bull rig. We could put that Mini in the back!
Profile: Boardr Bus

Roman on a boardslide, undeployed Golden Parachute.
Profile: Roman Hager

The Editor has Ben on his second cover.
Profile: Ben Andrews

This is not Lenny's first published frontside grind. He had one in a Thrasher calendar way back before he turned 51.
Profile: Lenny Byrd

From the microphone commentary, The Editor understands that Tony's energy drink is ranch dressing.
Profile: Tony Walsh

Lenny on a stinker.
Profile: Lenny Byrd

Tony yanked this backside disaster in.
Profile: Tony Walsh

The Greek on a frontside ollie from shallow to deep.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

I'm poaching the bandana bandit's angle.
Profile: Tony Walsh

Mike on a frontside 50-50.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Jake on a backside air.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Nick on a frontside invert.
Profile: Nick Wallace

Brandon got the Red Bull Bull Worthy award along with a crispy Benjamin.
Profile: Brandon Yarborough

Bowl 9 and Under Winners.
Profile: Xavier Schwarz

Bowl 10 to 12 Winners.
Profile: Connor Lerian

Bowl 13 to 39 Winners.
Profile: William Austin

Bowl Girls Winners.
Profile: Autumn Tust

Bowl 40 to 49 Winners.
Profile: Tony Walsh

Bowl 50 and Up Winners. There's 206 years of skateboarding in this photo.
Profile: Lenny Byrd

Bowl Sponsored Winners.
Profile: Jack Winburn

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