Recap: Grind for Life Series Presented by adidas at Lakeland

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This crowd is early to rise. The line forms at 9am with Cap'n Casey checking you in.

We set up The Boardr Pop Up Store with some basic skate supplies and a selection of adidas. Parents are kitting up the kids here.

When we did The Boardr Am at Stoner in Los Angeles, the cops were called because of that enjoi banner. No one in Lakeland is that uptight.

The tykes start things off in the Street Divisions. Roman and his golden parachute ollie down the stairs here.
Profile: Roman Hager

These parents have all the tailgating supplies.

Harry Fredlund on a boardslide. Nice hat, Harry. And nice shoes, too.
Profile: Harry Fredlund

Is that an OG VHS dad cam?

Mason Munar committed and took the spill multiple times on this noseslide, but kept on it and made it.
Profile: Mason Munar

Corey Bolo has a grown man looking smith grind.
Profile: Corey Bolo

Tyson's a young ATV that's going to be fun to watch grow up. He's kickflipping the stairs here shortly before going to shred the bowl.
Profile: Tyson Zane

Nice to see even the little dudes get winded after a Jam like us old dudes.
Profile: Roman Hager

I wonder if Jake's favorite color is green? That's a lipslide.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Tyler Wolford on a feeble grind for the onlooking parent's lounge.
Profile: Tyler Wolford

Madysen Carrera on a crooked grind.
Profile: Madysen Carrera

Dane Dowding had all the judges hyped so they gave him the Z-Flex Always Radical Award for this stop.
Profile: Dane Dowding

Top three from the Street 9 and Under Division.
Profile: Roman Hager

Top three from the Street 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Tyson Zane

Top three from the Street 13 to 15 Division.
Profile: Landon Swan

Top three from the Street Girls Division.
Profile: Meagan Guy

So much raffle madness coming from the GFL tent. Hope you got some.

Ricky Rosay BMF at The Boardr Store.

The frontside boneless was a popular move on this big bank.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Daniel Martinez has a nice back 360 off the bump.
Profile: Daniel Martinez

Eric McKenney brought the whole SPoT crew and ripped right along with them. That's a 360 flip off the bump.
Profile: Eric McKenney

Uncle Sam at GFL Lakeland
Click to Load Sequence!

Uncle Sam had all the creative moves like this ollie over to firecracker finished with a nose manual into the sunset.
Profile: Uncle Sam Bellipanni

Derick Wynn at GFL Lakeland
Click to Load Sequence!

Derick Wynn has a nicely snapped straight no comply.

Eric 5-0 Kickflip at GFL Lakeland
Click to Load Sequence!

Eric wasn't going to skate but we threw him in there to even out a jam. Thanks for jumping in to shred. That kickflip out of this 5-0 looks like it was done out of a launch ramp!
Profile: Eric McKenney

Omar and his NASCAR shorts go racing down the rail.
Profile: Omar Delgado

Jason Soper on a backside 5-0 in the old street guys division.
Profile: Jason Soper

Once boardslide guy, always boardslide guy. John Party slides into third.
Profile: John Paul Grebe aka John Party

After a certain age, it doesn't matter.

Watch for Amelia's chats with the crowd that HiDefJoe is capturing.
Profile: Amelia Allen

For the first few minutes, it was funny that this classic small town Florida kid who works for Publix wanted to take over the mic with his rap skills. He referred to himself as 3 Chainz. We called him Two Hoagiez instead.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

540 Jake not 540ing.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

The fishing star poster boy of Street League, Alejandro, has a good leveled out wallie over the whole bench.
Profile: Alejandro Burnell

JC Mazza on a front bluntslide. JC has two homies from Peru here to skate The Boardr Am next week.
Profile: JC Mazza

Angelo is here from Peru. We'll see him in The Boardr Am this weekend at Brandenton. That's a backside 180 nosegrind.
Profile: Angelo Caro

Marcos Montoya is growing up and getting super sick. That's a hurricane on the rail.
Profile: Marcos Montoya

A damn good looking front crook from Marcos.
Profile: Marcos Montoya

Jordi on a front blunt.
Profile: Jordi Zapata

Josh on a frontside noseblunt slide.
Profile: Josh Douglas

Robbie can hardflip anything.
Profile: Robby Kirkland

Top three in the Street 16 to 29 Division.
Profile: Gregory Holt

Top three in the Street 30 and Up Division.
Profile: Robert Holbrook

Top three in the Street Sponsored Division. Uncle Sam even has tricks when he's getting his trophy.
Profile: Uncle Sam Bellipanni

More samples of the locals. Is Andrew Reynolds really from this town?
Profile: Andrew Reynolds

It's time for the Bowl Divisions. Autumn has an invert.
Profile: Autumn Tust

I hope you made some time to get trimmed up at Second 2 None Barber Shop.

Grace on a nicely twisted backside air over the hip.
Profile: Grace Marhoefer

Grace has a boneless on the boneless spot.
Profile: Grace Marhoefer

Autumn has a boneless on the boneless spot, too.
Profile: Autumn Tust

The Editor can't remember if there's ever been a girl on the cover. This could be a first.
Profile: Hannah Chumley

There's some sub-coping slashing in the older bowl divisions. I hope we're all still rolling and shredding when we get up there. Take care of yourself. This is John Pingston.
Profile: John Pingston

Ben on a sweeper.
Profile: Ben Andrews

Scott Hallyburton slashing sub-coping.
Profile: Scott Hallyburton

The Editor got busy at this stop.
Profile: Ben Andrews

I wonder what Omar's closet looks like.
Profile: Omar Delgado

The Greek came in and tail smacked his way to the top.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

You know what a lapper is? Is that a home made one that Guy has here?
Profile: Guy Hoffman

Hours later, Two Hoagiez still trying to start a rap career.
Profile: Jared Currey

Nick Wallace kicks a foot off.
Profile: Nick Wallace

Jake on a big frontside ollie.
Profile: Jake Wooten

A king sized gap jump got Miles the Red Bull Worth Award and $100.
Profile: Miles McKinney

Top three in the Bowl 9 and Under Division.
Profile: Brandon Delgado

Top three in the Bowl 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Corey Bolo

Top three in the Bowl Intermediate Division.
Profile: Marse Farmer

Top three in the Bowl Girls Division.
Profile: Autumn Tust

Top three in the Bowl Masters Division.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Top three in the Bowl Grand Masters Division.
Profile: Mark Buncy

Top three in the Bowl Sponsored Division.
Profile: Nick Wallace

After it's all done, Intern Nate is already at work logging it for HiDefJoe. Thanks to everyone that came out and see you at the next stop!
Profile: Nate Ilardi aka Trap Nate

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