Recap: Grind for Life at Lakeland Presented by adidas

Posted by Chaz Miley on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

There were 162 total entries with 69 of those being skaters new to the Grind for Life Series. Many of you also skated your first contest ever with us. All those good times plus contributing to the Grind for Life cause of battling cancer? What a Saturday. Thanks to everyone that was a part of it.

All set up and ready for the day.

Tommy warming up for his first day on the mic.
Profile: Tommy Presley

Jonah Childs warming up on the big bump to ledge.
Profile: Jonah Childs

Right after the Chicken Trap, we all go for a snack down.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Noah Nagaro with a 50-50.
Profile: Noah Nagaro

Best dog of the day goes to Omar Delgado.
Profile: Omar Delgado

The Body does snack downs between using The Boardr Live App.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Classy looking judges.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

The key to winning the raffle is to just buy a lot.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Lourdes Luque is at her first Grind for Life Contest. That's a boardslide in the Girls Street Division.
Profile: Lourdes Luque

Noah Nagaro, Nash Barfield, and Tyler Loftus took home the top three spots for Street 9 and Under.
Profile: Noah Nagaro

Jonah Clark, Noah Pollard, and Alex Loftus took home the top three spots for Street 10 to 12.
Profile: Jonah Clark

Aaronn Depaulis, Jake Yanko, and Hopper Ballaudo took home the top three spots for Street 13 to 15.
Profile: Aaronn Depaulis

Georgia Martin, Susie Heath, and Lourdes Luque took home the top three spots for Street Girls.
Profile: Georgia Martin

Let's get it!
Profile: Chaz Miley

We had Rob out holding down registration in Lakeland.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Omar getting ready to skate.
Profile: Omar Delgado

Jeff Wolcott, feeble grind.
Profile: Jeff Wolcott

Josh Herrmann with the front feeble.
Profile: Josh Herrmann

You can't stop Adrian Fullerton from locking into a back tail.
Profile: Adrian Fullerton

Isael Rodriguez, up and down crook.
Profile: Isael Rodriguez

Braden Stelma, front board.
Profile: Braden Stelma

Zachary Nead, front tail.
Profile: Zachary Nead

Dakota White getting ready to go off the top rope.
Profile: Dakota White

Lazer's in Tampa to skate Tampa Am.
Profile: Lazer Crawford

Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr, switch front blunt.
Profile: Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr

Ronald Geronimo, Adrian Fullerton, and Jonah Childs took home the top three spots for Street 16 to 29.
Profile: Ronald Geronimo

Jeff Wolcott, Chris McGibbon, and Garrett Coleman took home the top three spots for Street 30 and Up.
Profile: Jeff Wolcott

Braden Stelma, Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr, and Matheus Souza took home the top three spots for Street Sponsored.
Profile: Braden Stelma

Nash Barfield, backside air.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Thanks to all the people from Marinela for stopping by.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Lots of support out today.

Elvin Ramos on a slasher.
Profile: Elvin Ramos

Lily Scherrer took a gnarly slam, but got up and walked out the bowl like a champ.
Profile: Lily Scherrer

Omar killed it all day in Lakeland.
Profile: Omar Delgado

Garrett Coleman, sweeper around the hip.
Profile: Garrett Coleman

One of the best frontside ollies out there.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Mike Rogers, half Cab rock.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Tab Textor, frontside air.
Profile: Tab Textor

Tyson Zane blasting a frontside ollie.
Profile: Tyson Zane

Dante Tonella, lein to tail.
Profile: Dante Tonella

Dakota White scaring the kids off the deck.
Profile: Dakota White

Dakota White taking home the Clip of the Day.
Profile: Dakota White

Josiah Jones, Gavin Liller, and Nash Barfield took home the top three spots for Bowl 9 and Under.
Profile: Josiah Jones

Connor Lerian, Brandon Delgado, and Reef Orlando took home the top three spots for Bowl 10 to 12.
Profile: Connor Lerian

Josh Teaff, Luke Rachels, and Corey Bolo took home the top three spots for Bowl Intermediate.
Profile: Josh Teaff

Susie Heath, Emily Headson, and Berit Anderson took home the top three spots for Bowl Girls.
Profile: Susie Heath

Omar Delgado, Jimmy Marcus, and Rodney Mead took home the top three spots for Bowl Masters.
Profile: Omar Delgado

Tab Textor, Dave Headson, and Mike Rogers took home the top three spots for Bowl Grand Masters.
Profile: Tab Textor

Jake Yanko won it in Bowl Sponsored.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Lazer and Tyson chillin' after the Contest.
Profile: Lazer Crawford

That's all from the #BoardrBoys. Thanks everyone!