Recap: Grind for Life at Lakeland Presented by Marinela

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, November 6, 2017

Thanks to everyone who helped us close out the year with a bang at Lakeland for the last stop of Grind for Life this year. The Annual Awards are this week on Thursday. Watch for the 2018 schedule out soon. Trap Nate's video recap and Chaz's photos are below.

Setup at 7am with the crew.

Young Zion showed up before us in Lakeland.
Profile: Zion Effs

Gabriel and Lucas taking in the Lakeland view.
Profile: Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr

Rob taking care of registration on the go.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Dihel with the board slide.
Profile: Dihel Pereira

Noah, crook grind.
Profile: Noah Nagaro

Jonah Clark with the feeble grind.
Profile: Jonah Clark

Emily Headson with a back disaster into 1st place.
Profile: Emily Headson

Street 9 and Under winners. Zion Effs, Nash Barfield, and Elijah Wolcott in the top three.
Profile: Zion Effs

Street 10 to 12 winners. Noah Pollard, Noah Nagaro, and Henrique Valadao in the top three.
Profile: Noah Pollard

Street 13 to 15 winners. Elijah Allred, Jonah Clark, and Diego Cerna in the top three.
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

Street Girls winners. Emily Headson, Violet Boulter, and Alison Morgan who skated her first contest ever today.
Profile: Emily Headson

Mike the Raffle Rogers.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Terry Riley sending it with this wallie.
Profile: Carter Riley

Aaronn getting some Marinela snacks in before his run.
Profile: Aaronn Depaulis

Peter Kryger took home first and the Clip Of The Day.
Profile: Peter Kryger

The Body had a nice little set up for announcing.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Gabriel with a switch BS 5-0.
Profile: Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr

Lazer back lipping into 1st.
Profile: Lazer Crawford

Ray bringing out the lip slide for the 30 and Up Division.
Profile: Ray Gauthier

Mike up and over the rainbow.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Couple of future legends.
Profile: Roman Hager

Tyson and Trap Nate making magic.
Profile: Tyson Zane

Lucas all the way from Brazil with a kickflip board slide.
Profile: Lucas Alves

A hardflip from Kevin Sikes.
Profile: Kevin Sikes

The 90’s really are making a come back.

Roman with the front feeble.
Profile: Roman Hager

Peter Kryger was stoked on the Clip of The Day.
Profile: Peter Kryger

Street 16 to 29 winners were Peter Kryger, Aaronn Depaulis, and Jake Malick.
Profile: Peter Kryger

Street 30 and Up winners were Yamil Ramirez, George Halas, and Ray Gauthier.
Profile: Yamil Ramirez

Street Sponsored winners were Lazer Crawford, Kevin Sikes, and Lucas Alves.
Profile: Lazer Crawford

Elijah with a 50-50 and one stoked dad in the background.
Profile: Elijah Wolcott

Another Marinela break.

Tent city specatorville.

Myles with a frontside ollie into the bank.
Profile: Myles Gentry

Lein to tail from Josiah Jones.
Profile: Josiah JoJo Jones

Abe Stewart on a frontside air.
Profile: Abe Stewart

Peter with a Miller flip.
Profile: Peter Kryger

Melvin has a proper back lip.
Profile: Melvin Duperon

Kai Kai with the grown man boneless.
Profile: Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai

Watching The Greek skate never gets old.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Jimmy getting on an axle grind.
Profile: Jimmy Dennis

Rodney holding on to an invert.
Profile: Rodney Mead

Just here to judge you and your kids.
Profile: Justin Ryan

Slasher from Mike.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Tommy Leggett mid Texas plant.
Profile: Tommy Leggett

Tyson blasting a Madonna.
Profile: Tyson Zane

Jake Yanko getting up there.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Miles blasting a frontside air.
Profile: Miles McKinney

Elijah Stoked on 1st place.
Profile: Elijah Wolcott

Bowl 9 and Under winners were Elijah Wolcott, Nash Barfield, and Jack Reed.
Profile: Elijah Wolcott

Bowl 10 to 12 winners were Josiah Jones, Gavin Liller, and Xavier Schwarz.

Bowl 13 to 39 winners were Kainalu Canubida, Austin Schneider, and Roman Desmond.
Profile: Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai

Bowl Girls winners were Emily Headson and Violet Boulter.
Profile: Emily Headson

Bowl Masters winners were Jimmy Marcus, Pat Dewitte, and Rodney Mead.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Bowl Grand Masters winners were Dave Headson, Tommy Leggett, and Mike Rogers.
Profile: Dave Headson

Bowl Sponsored winners were Tyson Zane, Jake Yanko, and Steven McKaig.
Profile: Tyson Zane

We end it with Dog of The Day.
Profile: Dog of the Day