Recap: Grind for Life Series at Simi Valley Presented by Marinela

Posted by Rob Meronek on Saturday, August 12, 2017

We learned something at this stop: skateboard contests on a Tuesday aren't going to be super packed. We figured in Souther California when schools out, Tuesday would be like a Saturday, but it wasn't. Oh well, there was still a good crew of you that came to have a good time and that still went down. Check Nate's video recap and Chaz's photography here. We'll see you at the next stop in Bradenton in a couple months. Find out more about Grind For Life, and all ages, all skills national skateboarding contest series, at

Casey in front of a few hundred vintage skateboards. The museum here is insane.
Profile: Casey Wayne

The boardroom meeting before things get going.
Profile: James Craig

Lino Mejia jumping right into it with an ollie over the pyramid.
Profile: Lino Mejia

Chandler Green with a nice lipslide.
Profile: Chandler Green

Chandler Green making moves.
Profile: Chandler Green

Mike Rogers knows how to put on a show.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Dylan runnin' it.
Profile: Dylan Perry

Gage Boyle has a proper back smith. Thanks for skating GFL and last week's stop of The Boardr Am.
Profile: Gage Boyle

Gage Boyle with the fakie flip over the turf.
Profile: Gage Boyle

Corey Walker, front blunt.
Profile: Corey Walker

Corey Walker also has a nice back lip.
Profile: Corey Walker

Mike Kendall catching a 3 flip over the hip.
Profile: Mike Kendall

You win some you lose some.

Noah Daniel Garcia killed in the Street 9 and Under.
Profile: Noah Daniel Garcia

Zack Beilfuss, Joetaro Saito, and Logan Kirshak took home the top 3 spots for the young dudes in street.
Profile: Zack Beilfuss

Liam Tiemeyer, Takara Sato, and Ryoga Taka on the podium.
Profile: Liam Tiemeyer

Mike Raffle Rogers.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Aaronn Depaulis, Seth Newson, and Lino Mejia on the podium.
Profile: Aaronn Depaulis

Kevin Apana and Mike Rogers.
Profile: Kevin Apana

Gage Boyle, Tanner Lawler, and Chandler Green took home the top 3 spots for Street Sponsored.
Profile: Gage Boyle

There are a lot of rad boards hanging around SkateLab.

Asahi Kaihara with the smith grind through the corner.
Profile: Asahi Kaihara

Karen Muto also coming through the corner with a nice smith grind.
Profile: Karen Muto

Gage Boyle taking home the Clip of the Day.
Profile: Gage Boyle

Vern was stoked on all the bowl skating.
Profile: Vern Laird

We need a leaderboard with the count on Mike Rogers' front rocks vs Rob Meronek meron grabs.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Cash Kenton with a 540 at the young age of 13.
Profile: Cash Kenton

Orion Casas, Hagan Key, and Jake Familton took home the top 3 spots in the GFL at Simi Valley Bowl 9 and Under.
Profile: Orion Casas

Austin Cowdrey and Gage Seymour took home the top spots in Bowl Intermediate.
Profile: Austin Cowdrey

Karen Muto and Asahi Kaihara took home the top spots in the Bowl Girls division.
Profile: Karen Muto

Mike Rogers and Will Cox took home the top spots in the Bowl Grand Masters Division.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Cash Kenton and Demitry Dupont took home the top spots in Bowl Sponsored.
Profile: Cash Kenton

Guest announcer TJ Rogers on a Marinela snack down.
Profile: TJ Rogers

These two dudes love some Marinela.

Mike Rogers holding down the Grind For Life tent.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Will Cox sneaking away with some snacks.
Profile: Will Cox

That's all from the #BoardrBoys we'll see you at the next one. Check our events schedule to see where you'll find us next.