Recap: GFL at Zephyrhills Presented by Marinela

Posted by Chaz Miley on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The second stop of the season is in the books for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela. Check the current rankings here. Thanks to all 154 of you that entered, and the 54 of you that skated GFL for the first time. We hope you had as good of a time as we did. Check out some photos and a video recap below.

Rob starting the morning out with some tiger claw on a frontside hurricane stall.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Banners going up in the golden hour.

Trade show vibes.

Noah Pollard with the feeble grind.
Profile: Noah Pollard

Tyler Wolford, back tail.
Profile: Tyler Wolford

Zander Wares wins best board of the day, shirt comes in second place.
Profile: Zander Wares

Nash Barfield, Myles Gentry, and Tyler Loftus took home the top 3 spots for Street 9 and Under.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Noah Pollard, Jonah Clark, and Samuel Pereira took home the top 3 for Street 10 to 12.
Profile: Noah Pollard

Aaronn Depaulis, Fernando Ruiz, and Isaiah Jones took home the top 3 spots for Street 13 to 15.
Profile: Aaronn Depaulis

Autumn Tust, Emily Headson, and Carlin Makibbin took home the top 3 spots for Street Girls.
Profile: Autumn Tust

Dorrian Drayton, boardslide.
Profile: Dorrian Drayton

Chris Scott, front 360.
Profile: Chris Scott

There was a record number of older dudes in the Street contest. That was nice to see. Jeff Wolcott here with a boardslide.
Profile: Jeff Wolcott

George Halas, boardslide over the drainage hole.
Profile: George Halas

Lil Chucky was holding down the Marinela tent all day.
Profile: Chucky Woodard

John Party Time, boardslide over the taco.
Profile: John Paul Grebe aka John Party

The Marinela tent is the place to be.

Jordi Zapata, nose blunt slide.
Profile: Jordi Zapata

Haze Miller, frontside 180 nose grind.
Profile: Haze Miller

Camp Zephyrhills parent zone all set up.

Braden Stelma going up and over.
Profile: Braden Stelma

Jake Yanko, Dominique Jenkins, and Joe Moulton took home the top 3 spots for Street 16 to 29.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Angel Williams, George Halas, and Jeff Wolcott took home the top 3 spots for Street 30 and Up.
Profile: Angel Williams

Jordi Zapata, Haze Miller, and Braden Stelma took home the top 3 spots for Street Sponsored.
Profile: Jordi Zapata

Abdias on judging duty.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

Ethan Pitts, ollie.
Profile: Ethan Pitts

Roman Hager blasting over the hip.
Profile: Roman Hager

Dog of the day goes to Audi, Pat Dewitte's dog.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Dan Boulter, frontside air.
Profile: Dan Boulter

Shawn Campbell, lipslide.
Profile: Shawn Campbell

Jordan Santana, smith grind.
Profile: Jordan Santana

Mike Rogers putting both trucks down.
Profile: Mike Rogers

The bowl may have been a little small for Jake Yanko.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Nash Barfield, Myles Gentry, andTyler Loftus took home the top 3 spots for Bowl 9 and Under.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Getting this many kids to stand still for this many photos is a bit tough at times.

Gavin Liller, Reef Orlando, and Roman Hager took home the top 3 spots for Bowl 10 to 12.
Profile: Gavin Liller

Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai, Abe Stewart, and Xavier Schwarz took home the top 3 spots for Bowl Intermediate.
Profile: Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai

Jordan Santana, Autumn Tust, and Emily Headson took home the top 3 spots for Bowl Girls.
Profile: Jordan Santana

Rodney Mead, Jeff Walcott, and Pat Dewitt took home the top 3 spots for Bowl Masters.
Profile: Rodney Mead

Tab Textor, Mike Rogers, and Dave Headson took home the top 3 spots for Bowl Grand Masters.
Profile: Tab Textor

Jake Yanko, Eli Reams, and Miles McKinney took home the top 3 spots for Bowl Sponsored.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Jake Blue took home the Movie Tickets Clip of the Day for a crazy frontside boardslide pop up to frontside bluntslide down the small rail.
Profile: Jake Blue

#BoardrBoys packing it up.

Dylan's holding it down at registration. You can skip the line here and go right to skating if you register online ahead of time.
Profile: Dylan Perry

I spy a footy check huddle.

Parent's come prepared to watch all day.

Roman's dad Aaron on photo duty there.
Profile: Roman Hager

DJ Porpe is good when he's sitting right here, but when he walks away, some Hoobistank gets in the mix.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Caveman coverup so those iPads don't start smoking.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

Standing room only on the sidelines.

AJ Dall, front feeble.
Profile: AJ Dall

Deluxe sideline viewing.

Your media crew, Chaz and HiDefJoe.
Profile: Chaz Miley

Joe puts together the recap for Ride Channel.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Thanks for skating another GFL Meagan. It's a wrap for today.
Profile: Meagan Guy

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