Recap: Grind for Life Series Annual Awards Presented by Marinela


Recap: Grind for Life Series Annual Awards Presented by Marinela

Posted by Rob Meronek 4 years ago on December 2nd, 2017



Gabriel was doing this front crook 'till the sun went down.

Profile: Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr

Thanks for skating your first GFL and coming to the Awards, Julie.

Profile: Julie Zylis

Mike waiting to open the gates.

Profile: Mike Rogers

Jonah Clark with the sunset impossible.

Profile: Jonah Clark

Nate and The Body doing what they do best.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Ready to rip!

There were some heavy dinners going down.

Everyone ready to get the awards going.

Clem has been telling people not to skate for 20 years.

Profile: Ryan Clements

When you spend the most you don’t always win the most but it worked out for Dagner this time.

I spy Marinela snacks all up in this crowd.

Elijah Wolcott and Nash Barfield stopped by to pick up their Street 9 and Under trophies.

Profile: Elijah Wolcott

Noah Pollard, Noah Nagaro, and Miles Gentry took home the top three spots for Street 10 to 12.

Profile: Noah Pollard

Big dog Jonah Clark stopped by to pick up his 1st place Street 13 to 15.

Profile: Jonah Clark

Violet Boulder and Emily Headson got a couple of trophies to take home from the Street Girls Division.

Profile: Emily Headson

Aaronn Depaulis took home 1st in Street 16 to 29.

Profile: Aaronn Depaulis

Mike Rogers and Michael Wiegner took home some Street 30 and Up trophies.

Profile: Mike Rogers

Big dog Braden Stelma stopped by and took home his trophy for Street Sponsored.

Profile: Braden Stelma

Nash Barfield, Elijah Wolcott, and Hagan Key all stopped by to take home their Bowl 9 and Under awards.

Profile: Nash Barfield

Jordan Santana and Emily Headson took home a couple of trophies for Bowl Girls.

Profile: Jordan Santana

Mike Rogers and Dave Headson took home the top two spots for Bowl 50 and Up.

Profile: Dave Headson

Tyson Zane stopped by to pick up his Bowl Sponsored trophy.

Profile: Tyson Zane

Jake Blue took home GFL Trick Of The Year.

Profile: Jake Blue

Jordan Santana and her father took home the Frequent Flyer Award this year.

Profile: Jordan Santana

We got Julie to skate her first contest and she loved it.

Profile: Julie Zylis

Nash Barfield got the GFL Loyalty Award. He's skated more GFL's than anyone.

Profile: Nash Barfield

Alex Sorgente donated a hefty check to the GFL Series.

Profile: Alex Sorgente

Jordi Zapata showed up late but we made sure he got his trophy for Street Sponsored. Thanks everyone for another great year of skateboarding and helping the cause at Grind for Life.

Profile: Jordi Zapata

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