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Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You can get instant results from all our events as they happen on the Results page at I still can't believe that we have skateboarders from 6-years-old to 53-years-old skating all day in these events. We saw the sun come up on one side of the skatepark and saw it set on the other side as 150+ entries went through in all those divisions. I made so many new friends from tiny tikes to grown ups and hope you did, too.

Thanks to everyone that brought families and friends to another Grind for Life event. I hope to see you one last time in 2014 for the Awards and Annual Recap at The Boardr Headquarters. It's going to be a fun one remembering the year and sessioning The Boardr Mini.

When I got there a little before 7am, there was already a bowl session led by Pat.
Profile: Pat Dewitte

In about 13 hours, we'll see the sunset on the other side of the park for a full days dose of skateboard shred.

Shirtless banner duty, again.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Did you meet Casey at check-in? You'll be seeing a lot more of him throughout 2015. We'll get to announcing those plans soon.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Mentor and mentee.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

The Boggs brothers and lil homies.
Profile: Early Boggs

Keenan makes the willy grind look tight.
Profile: Keenan Lewis

Number crunchers.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Thanks for everything, Mike.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Backside 360 at Grind for Life Bradenton
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Wow, look at that front foot on this backside 360. It's always amazing to see grown man style in the select few little guys that are lucky enough to have it. Roman hasn't hit the double digits in age yet.
Profile: Roman Hager

Brody Boggs Flyout at Grind for Life Bradenton
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The young ones were really attracted to this awkward spine. Brody's got a launcher over it.
Profile: Brody Boggs

Early Boggs Flyout at Grind for Life Bradenton
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Early hangs on to a spine jump.
Profile: Early Boggs

9 and Under champs.
Profile: Harry Fredlund

10 to 12 with proud parents.
Profile: Tyson Zane

13 to 15 champs.
Profile: Daniel Bolles

The girls all ripped as usual.
Profile: Laura Fong-Yee

We were all hyped on Elijah who got the special Z-Flex Always Radical Award at this stop.
Profile: Elijah Allred AKA Allshred

That bridge is perfect for all day shade.

Austin Robles, 50-50 before losing a wheel on impact.
Profile: Austin Robles

Elijah Odom, backside tailslide.
Profile: Elijah Odom

16 to 29 champs.
Profile: Jordi Zapata

30 and Up mid-life shredders.
Profile: John Paul Grebe aka John Party

Sponsored champs.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Thanks Indy for making the trophies.

It's time for the Bowl Divisions now.
Profile: Early Boggs

Pause for a gear check with HiDefJoe's loaner stuff from Nate.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Big Frontside Grind at Grind for Life Bradenton
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Tony on a BIG frontside grind. Too big for the cover!
Profile: Tony Walsh

Mark Buncy Layback Air at Grind for Life Bradenton
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How does a 52-year-old man still skate at this level? Take care of yourself while you're young and you will be, too, I hope. Mark Buncy, layback air.
Profile: Mark Buncy

Garr Frontside Air at Grind for Life Bradenton
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Garr's also 52 and still shredding with no end in sight.
Profile: Garr Poe

Smith Vert at Grind for Life Bradenton
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Buck Smith has such properly executed transition moves. Someone needs to film a full instruction manual with him to pass along to the new generation. That's a smith vert.
Profile: Buck Smith

Buck shows you how to do a backside boneless, no sag, no drag, no lag.
Profile: Buck Smith

Jake Wooten Boneless at Grind for Life Bradenton
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This is my first time seeing Jake Wooten skate and just like most of the crowd, I experienced a jaw dropping. Jake's only 14 and looking insanely good in the bowl. It's going to be fun watching him come around on the bowl events in 2015. You'll see if you don't know him.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Bowl 9 and Under winners.
Profile: Brandon Delgado

Bowl 10 to 12 winners.
Profile: Corey Bolo

Bowl 13 to 39 winners.
Profile: Connor McEvoy

Andrew got the $100 for the Red Bull in a China Shop award.
Profile: Andrew Rothfuss

Buck and Tony.
Profile: Tony Walsh

Jimmy delivered an amazing acceptance speech.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

The girls got it done in the bowl, too.
Profile: Autumn Tust

The Editor is here, of course.
Profile: Nash Barfield

259 years worth of wood and wheels right here in the 50 and Up Bowl.
Profile: Mark Buncy

It was another mind blowing jam session in the Sponsored Division.
Profile: Jake Wooten

The next day, we're in Lakeland for the Imperial Hair Show Mini-Ramp Jam to complete our skateboarding weekend.

Trophies here can be used as giant beer coasters.

The Editor had a full skateboarding weekend, too.
Profile: Paris Kilby

Flyin' Ryan and the 12 and Under Division champs.
Profile: Ryan Phillips

Dave and Jason.
Profile: Jason Penick

Robert and Alex. What a weekend. Thanks to everyone that was a part of it with us.
Profile: Robert Mason

If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming!

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