Recap: GFL Series Presented by Marinela at Bradenton, Florida.

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bradenton, Florida was our ninth stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela, an all ages skateboarding contest series in both bowl and street. We're doing 12 across the United States this year. Check the full results, rankings, and future stops at

Bradenton has by far the best sunrise we see at any GFL.

Mike is on site bright and early.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Zion Effs little brother signed up but decided not to skate. I'm sure he will be skating with his brother soon.
Profile: Jax Effs

DOTD showed up early and stayed all day.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Tyler Walker had one of my favorite tricks of the day.
Profile: Tyler Walker

Zion was the only kid in the 9 and under division hitting the big rail.
Profile: Zion Effs

This little dude has more style than most adults I know.
Profile: Hunter Bushouse

doodle fisting some Marinela.

Someone forgot to finish shaping this board.

Mike was busy at the GFL tent all day.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Shiloh Thornton skating her 1st contest!
Profile: Shiloh Thornton

Top skaters from Street 9 and Under.
Profile: Zion Effs

Top skaters from Street 10 to 12.
Profile: Gabe Vigliotti aka Minnow

Top skaters from Street 13 to 15.
Profile: Noah Pollard

Top skaters from Street Women's.
Profile: Jamie Kutcher

You're my boy Blue!
Profile: Jake Blue

Corey Gonzalez with the Boardslide.
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

We had a rad crew of judges today.
Profile: Justin Ryan

Ethan Trinh with the one footer.
Profile: Ethan Trinh

Jake Malick with the back smith.
Profile: Jake Malick

Front board from Craig Jennison.
Profile: Craig Jennison

Not sure what to call this trick from Josh Peduzzi.
Profile: Josh Peduzzi

Rob got out there and skated 30 and up!
Profile: Rob Meronek

Cris Lesh doing it for the judges.
Profile: Cris Lesh

Keenan Lewis with the crook.
Profile: Keenan Lewis

Top skaters from Street 16 to 29.
Profile: Jake Blue

Top skaters from Street 30 and Up.
Profile: TJ Sparks

Top skaters from Street Sponsored
Profile: Malique Simpson

Cole Liller ripping in the deep end.
Profile: Gavin Liller

Jonny Rips with the rock to fakie.
Profile: Jonny Rips

Nash Barfield standing up on a 50-50
Profile: Nash Barfield

Andres Vega with the layback air.
Profile: Andres Vega

Violet Boulter dropping in, in the deep end.
Profile: Violet Boulter

Will Cox getting up there and touching that coping.
Profile: Will Cox

Evan Tieman with the frontside air.
Profile: Evan Tieman

I think Jake has a bunch of Umpa Lumpa's on his grip.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Yup, those are Umpa Lumpa's.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Top skaters from Bowl 9 and Under.
Profile: Legend Lopez

Top skaters from Bowl 10 to 12.
Profile: Gavin Liller

Top skaters from Bowl 13 to 39.
Profile: Reef Orlando

Top skaters from Bowl Women's.
Profile: Harlow Johnsey

Top skaters from Bowl 40 to 49 Masters.
Profile: Ted Stracuzzi

Top skaters from Bowl 50 and Up Grand Masters.
Profile: Kevin Lee Shelton

That's all from today congrats to Jake on taking home 1st in Bowl Sponsored.
Profile: Jake Yanko

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