Recap: GFL Presented by Marinela at Orange

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Orange, California was our sixth stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela, an all ages skateboarding contest series in both bowl and street. We're doing 12 across the United States this year. Check the full results, rankings, and future stops at

Good morning from Orange, CA!

Lets start the day of with a proper crook down the nine stair.

Vianez Morales with the boardslide.
Profile: Vianez Morales

Alef Rodrigues with the boardslide up and across.
Profile: Alef Rodrigues

Front blunt as seen from the balcony.

Bump to 3 flip nose slide.

Proper back lip.

We had the legend James Craig on the mic.
Profile: James Craig

Lucas Pinheiro with the back smith.
Profile: Lucas Pinheiro

The man Mike Rogers cruising around the course.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Good lookin blunt slide.


Moving over to the mini ramp.

Feeble grind looking good.

Blast off.

Jordan is always a pleasure to have at the contest.
Profile: Jordan Santana

Heavy cast of judges and announcers.
Profile: Vern Laird

All eyes on the mini ramp.

Kevin Sandoval with the Rock-n-Roll.
Profile: Kevin Sandoval

Mike Rogers slashing across the mini ramp.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Pedro has the cover of a Thrasher and a 1st place GFL trophy.
Profile: Pedro Delfino



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