Recap: GFL Series Presented by Marinela at Lakeland, Florida

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Good morning from Lakeland, Florida!

Peter Kryger knows how to start the day off.
Profile: Peter Kryger

We had Casey on the mic all day.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Registration was busy all morning.

Jonny Rips skating a set that's as big as him.
Profile: Jonny Rips

Zion with the back 50.
Profile: Zion Effs

This has to be a 30 dollar grip job.

Looks like one of the judges had a midday Marinela snack.

Brazil rolls deep!

Noah Pollard has been ripping!
Profile: Noah Pollard

Blaze with the crook.
Profile: Blaze Helgerson

Isabelly Ávila with the 50-50.
Profile: Isabelly Ávila

Top skaters from Street 9 and Under.
Profile: Zion Effs

Top skaters from Street 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Noah Nagaro

Top skaters from Street 13 to 15 Division.
Profile: Noah Pollard

Top skaters from Street Women's Division.
Profile: Isabelly Ávila

"Get your raffle tickets ready!"
Profile: Mike Rogers

Bruno Borgheri with the hardflip back tail.
Profile: Bruno Borgheri

You don't see switch front board in the 30 and Up Division too often.
Profile: Leandro Barsotti

Good looking crew we have here.

Beau Haines with the nose slide.
Profile: Beau Haines

Noah Nagaro with the back lip.
Profile: Noah Nagaro

Top skaters from Street 30 and Up Division.
Profile: Leandro Barsotti

Not really sure what the Brazilians have going on here.
Profile: Leandro Barsotti

Top skaters from Street Sponsored Division.
Profile: Wendel Africo

Josh Teaff enjoying some Marinela snacks before the bowl.
Profile: Josh Teaff

The grand entrance to GFL!

Thanks to the dudes over at SkateNation for bringing everyone out to skate!!

Jonny Rips looks like he is skating a mountain.
Profile: Jonny Rips

Nash Barfield getting up there.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Profile: Dog of the Day

Tampa Timmy showed up!
Profile: Timothy Solomon aka Tampa Timmy

Harlow Johnsey cruising around the bowl.
Profile: Harlow Johnsey

Rodney Mead taking a foot off.
Profile: Rodney Mead

Mike Rogers in the middle of a 10 minute run.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Back smith from Josh Teaff.
Profile: Josh Teaff

Marcos Montoya skipped the street section today and went right for the bowl.
Profile: Marcos Montoya

Top skaters from Bowl 9 and Under Division.
Profile: Phoenix Sinnerton

Top skaters from Bowl 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Gavin Liller

Top skaters from Bowl 13 to 39 Division.
Profile: Alex Hunter

Top skaters from Bowl Women's Division.
Profile: Emily Headson

Top skaters from Bowl 40 to 49 Masters.
Profile: Rodney Mead

Top skaters from Bowl 50 and Up Grand Masters.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Top skaters from Bowl Sponsored. Thanks to everyone that came out and skated our last GFL of the year. We will see you guys in 2019!!!!
Profile: Jake Yanko

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