Recap: GFL Presented by Marinela at San Luis Obispo.

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, August 20, 2018

San Luis Obispo, California was our eighth stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela, an all ages skateboarding contest series in both bowl and street. We're doing 12 across the United States this year. Register and check future stops at

As always, it's banner time. Thanks to all the sponsors backing this series.

James putting up a few more banners.
Profile: James Craig

Magnus Magia with the kickflip.
Profile: Magnus Magiar

Nothing like a back rub before your run.
Profile: Ciara Anderson

Trae Montgomery with the pop shuv tail grab.
Profile: Trae Montgomery

Top skaters from Street 9 and Under.
Profile: Mason Anstey

Top skaters from Street 10 to 12.
Profile: Finn Murphy

Top skaters from Street 13 to 15.
Profile: Kieran Woolley

Top skaters from Street Women's.
Profile: Ciara Anderson

Mike Rogers getting ready for some raffles!
Profile: Mike Rogers

Ruben Castillo with the flick front board.
Profile: Ruben Castillo

3 flip lip from Adam Emery.
Profile: Adam Emery

Ruben was on it all day. This back tail is just a little glimpse of what got him into 1st place in Street Sponsored.
Profile: Ruben Castillo

Jose Hernandez with the back smith.
Profile: Jose Hernandez

James Foulk was stoked to have GFL out at San Luis Obispo.
Profile: James Foulk

We had a few heavy hitters judging today.
Profile: Jeremy Wray

Top skaters from Street 16 to 29.
Profile: Drew Beilfuss

Top skaters from Street 30 and Up.
Profile: Brandon Carnahan

Top skaters from Street Sponsored.
Profile: Ruben Castillo

Nothing like some Marinela cookies while watching same skateboarding.

Booger Brown was out getting some angles.
Profile: Dan Booger Brown

Daniel Woolley with the smith grind.
Profile: Daniel Woolley

Steven Griffie was getting a little wild. I'm not even sure what to call this trick.
Profile: Steven Griffie

Sofia Merlo was the first person at the park this morning and if I recall correctly she has only been skating for 6 months. Welcome to the skateboard community Sofia.
Profile: Sofia Merlo

Robert Beaudoin putting a little style on this front smith.
Profile: Robert Beaudoin

Pat Black was ripping!
Profile: Pat Black

Booger Brown sitting on the rock 'n' roll.
Profile: Dan Booger Brown

George Mcclellan also has a nice rock 'n' roll.
Profile: George Mcclellan

Kieran Woolley with the high speed front feeble.
Profile: Kieran Woolley

Lien to tail from Brian Waters.
Profile: Brian Waters

Evan Doherty has a proper front smith.
Profile: Evan Doherty

Cool kids club for old kids.
Profile: Pat Black

Thanks to Corey Gonzalez for all the support!
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

Top skaters for Bowl 9 and Under.
Profile: JD Sanchez

Top skaters for Bowl 10 to 12.
Profile: Daniel Woolley

Top skaters for 13 to 39.
Profile: Brandon Carnahan

Top skaters for Bowl Women's.
Profile: Ashleigh Behrmann

Top skaters for Bowl 40 to 49 Masters.
Profile: Cuauhtemoc Dimas

Top skaters for Bowl 50 and Up Grand Masters.
Profile: Pat Black

Top skaters for Bowl Sponsored.
Profile: Kieran Woolley

We had the legend Jeremy Wray on the judges stand.
Profile: Jeremy Wray

There are a lot of skateboard years between these two dudes.
Profile: Mike Rogers

That's all from The Boardr crew. We will see you guys at the next one.

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