Recap: GFL at Sarasota Presented by Marinela

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, March 26, 2018

The third stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela is a wrap. Check out Chaz's photography and Trap Nate's video recap below. Full results, updated rankings, registration for future stops, and more is at Thanks to all of you that came to another stop to help us with the cause: a good time pushing our skateboarding forward and helping the Grind for Life Organization assist cancer patients with travel they need for treatment.

We always show up before the sun.

Banners going up. Thanks again to all the sponsors backing this series.
Profile: Mikah Collins

MR on the scene.
Profile: Mike Rogers

This little dude was three years old and couldn’t generate his own speed so his dad helped him out.

Benett Schroeder with the kickflip into 1st place.
Profile: Benett Schroeder

Jaxson Schroeder with the nose manny.
Profile: Jaxson Schroeder

Noah with the back 50-50
Profile: Noah Pollard

Quick stop for some Marinela snacks.

Street 9 and Under with Zion Effs in 1st.
Profile: Zion Effs

Street 10 to 12 with Benett Schroeder in 1st.
Profile: Benett Schroeder

Street 13 to 15 with Blaze Helgerson in 1st.
Profile: Blaze Helgerson

Mike Rogers getting ready for some raffles.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Jack Wahl with the back smith.
Profile: Jack Wahl

Blaze Helgerson taking a feeble grind to the big rail.
Profile: Blaze Helgerson

Profile: Dog of the Day

Corey Gonzalez with the kickflip over the hip.
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

What are you doing down there, Greek?
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Marcus Lizzmore putting a little style on this nosegrind.
Profile: Marcus Lizzmore

Feeble grind from Jake Blue.
Profile: Jake Blue

Scotty putting on a Tech Deck Demo.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Street 16 to 29 with Liam Brocks in 1st.
Profile: Liam Brocks

Street 30 and Up with Derek Millan in 1st after a no show forfeit from Porpe.
Profile: Derek Millan

Street Sponsored with Rio Batan Matienzo in 1st.
Profile: Rio Batan Matienzo

More Marinela snacks before we go over to the bowl divisions.

Layback air from Nash.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Not sure where the kid in the corner of this photo is going but check out Nate’s angles.
Profile: Nate Ilardi aka Trap Nate

Blunt to fakie for the judges.
Profile: Shawn Campbell

Lady Meek is a true G. She chipped her foot bone in practice, went to the hospital, and came back to win 1st!
Profile: Lady Meek

The Greek going where most people never go.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Mike getting into the over vert.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Kevin Reynolds with the slob fastplant.
Profile: Kevin Reynolds

Steven McKaig is down with Marinela.
Profile: Steven McKaig

Bowl 9 and Under with Elijah Wolcott in 1st.
Profile: Elijah Wolcott

Bowl 10 to 12 with Nash Barfield in 1st.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Bowl 13 to 39 with Reef Orlando in 1st.
Profile: Reef Orlando

Bowl Women's with Lady Meek in 1st coming back from an injury in the morning.
Profile: Lady Meek

Bowl 40 to 49 Masters with Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek in 1st.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Bowl 50 and Up Grand Masters with Mike Rogers in 1st.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Bowl Sponsored with Steven McKaig in 1st.
Profile: Steven McKaig

That’s all from Sarasota and the #BoardrBoys. Check for future stops!