Recap: GFL Series Presented by Marinela at Ann Arbor

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, July 9, 2018

Ann Arbor, Michigan was our seventh stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela, an all ages skateboarding contest series in both bowl and street. We're doing 12 across the United States this year. Check out some photos and video from our media crew below.

This is the way we start every GFL.

The DOTD was at the park before we got here today.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Garold Vallie was on the scene all day helping out on the mic.
Profile: Garold Vallie

A mini Kevin Staab showed up to the contest.
Profile: Josiah JoJo Jones

Leif Trasser was on it all day! This ollie was just for the judges.
Profile: Leif Trasser

Gabriel Vigliotti with the crooked grind.
Profile: Gabe Vigliotti aka Minnow

Geoff taking a little break from all the judging.
Profile: Geoff Corimer

Bombette Martin cruising over the hip.
Profile: Bombette Martin

Street 9 and under winners.
Profile: Kayo Martin

Street 10 to 12 winners.
Profile: Cayde Mckinstray

Street 13 to 15 winners.
Profile: Tyler Sam

Cole Gossett with the back tail.
Profile: Cole Gossett

Corey Gonzalez boardslide down the big rail for the 30 and up dudes.
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

Matt Enright with the back lip.
Profile: Matt Enright

Austin Bland with a beast on a BS flip.
Profile: Austin Bland

Nollie nose blunt from Mike Krok.
Profile: Mike Krok

The little dudes got it figured out.

Austin Williams blasting out of the street course.
Profile: Austin Williams

Matt Enright with the crook.
Profile: Matt Enright

Sam Dimerman with the smith grind.
Profile: Sam Dimerman

Street 16 to 29 winners.
Profile: Austin Williams

Street 30 and up winners.
Profile: Scott Braun

Street sponsored winners.
Profile: Mike Krok

I didn't catch this guys name but he was ripping for sure.

Keviyan Richardson is #DownWithMarinela.
Profile: Keviyan Richardson

Don't let those toes burn Garold.
Profile: Garold Vallie

Serres Rossing with the stalefish.
Profile: Serres Rossing

Smith grind from Nash Barfield.
Profile: Nash Barfield

Hagan Key also has a nice smith grind.
Profile: Hagan Key

Austin Williams mid disaster.
Profile: Austin Williams

I guess we can have two DOTD.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Scott Braun with the rock to fakie.
Profile: Scott Braun

Mike getting down in the deep end.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Kai Kai keeps getting better at these boneless.
Profile: Kainalu Canubida aka Kai Kai

Cam Noren took home 1st in bowl sponsored.
Profile: Cam Noren

Pat McKenna might have got last but his lipslides say otherwise.
Profile: Pat McKenna

Bowl 9 and under winners.
Profile: Kayo Martin

Bowl 10 to 12 winners.
Profile: Serres Rossing

Bowl 13 to 39 winners.
Profile: Austin Williams

Bowl women's winners.
Profile: Bombette Martin

Bowl 40 to 49 masters winners.
Profile: Chris Cassell

Bowl 50 and up grand masters winners.
Profile: Bob Cates

Bowl sponsored winners.
Profile: Cam Noren

The after contest chill zone.

That's all from The Boardr Boys. It's time to roll out.
Profile: Garold Vallie