Recap: Grind for Life at Bradenton Presented by adidas

Posted by Chaz Miley OLD on Monday, October 26, 2015

After Bradenton wrapped up this weekend, there's one more stop left in this year's Grind for Life Series at Brandon on November 7th before the Year End Awards on December 6 at The Boardr. Thanks to everyone who made it to another stop at Bradenton. We've got a photo and video recap below. Check full results here and Year End Awards Calculations so far right here.

We couldn't have asked for better weather in Bradenton for this Grind For Life.

Make registration a breeze by signing up ahead of time online at

When you're the first people at the Park, you get the best parking spots.
Profile: Boardr Bus

The Grind For Life tent was busy all day long. Thanks again Mike Rogers for holding it down.
Profile: Mike Rogers

This little guy was eating Marinela snack cakes all day long. I hope you stopped to enjoy one, too.

Roman Hager isn't afraid of the big boy rails.
Profile: Roman Hager

These two can't seem to stay out of trouble lately.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Tyler Spetich tried to get away with all the Pasta Chips.
Profile: Tyler Spetich

Jata helping Mike Rogers raffle off some goods.
Profile: Chris Jata

Street 9 and Under Division top 3 went to Early Boggs, Noah Nagaro, and Brandon Delgado.
Profile: Early Boggs

Street 10 to 12 Division top 3 went to Roman Hager, Dane Dowding, and Nate Paugh.
Profile: Roman Hager

Street 13 to 15 Division top 3 went to Deandre Mizzell, Keenan Lewis, and Ethan Trinh.
Profile: Deandre Mizzell

Street Girls Division top 3 went to Meagan Guy, Fabiana Delfino, and Grace Marhoeffer.
Profile: Meagan Guy

I would pick this skateboard over a brand-new scooter any day.

Jonathan Spillane had the best 360 flip of the day.
Profile: Jonathan Spillane

Dogs love Amelia.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Brotherly love: Jake and Nate Ilardi always work well together.
Profile: Nate Ilardi aka Trap Nate

Jay Turner proving that old white men can jump.
Profile: Jay Turner

JC Mazza going the wrong way over the barrier.
Profile: Erik Gilabert

Tyler Hunger killed it all day. This is a back lip to give you a taste of that.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Street 16 to 29 Division top 3 went to Jonathan Spillane, Jake Blue, and Jake Mills.
Profile: Jonathan Spillane

Street 30 and Up Division top 3 went to Tim Gasiorski, Ray Gauthier, and Walter Wald.
Profile: Tim Gasiorski

Street Sponsored Division top 3 went to Jake Ilardi, Tyler Hunger, and Nick Wallace.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Andres Vega is possessed to skate.
Profile: Andres Vega

Grace Marhoeffer took home a well-deserved first place.
Profile: Grace Marhoefer

I hope we see Ray Gauthier out at the next Gring For Life because it was fun watching him rip.
Profile: Ray Gauthier

Jake Ilardi was on point all day long.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

The man that makes it all happen, Mike Rogers.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Nick Wallace put down some impressive runs in the Bowl Sponsored Division.
Profile: Nick Wallace

I asked Grace Marjoeffer how she skates like this and all the said was, 'I can feel my board better.'
Profile: Grace Marhoefer

Bowl 9 and Under Division top 3 went to Xavier Schwarz, Nash Barfield, and Brandon Degado.
Profile: Xavier Schwarz

Bowl 10 to 12 Division top 3 went to Alex Loftus, Xavier Schwarz, and Elijah Allred.
Profile: Alex Loftus

Bowl 13 to 39 Division top 3 went to Jake Yanko, Adam Tyler, and Ray Gauthier.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Bowl Girls Division top 3 went to Grace Marhoeffer, Autumn Tust, and Berit Anderson.
Profile: Grace Marhoefer

Bowl Masters (40 to 49) Division top 3 went to Jimmy Marcus, Tony Walsh, and Omar Delgado.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Bowl Grand Masters (50 and Up) Division top 3 went to Tab Textor, Will Cox, and Erik Johansen.
Profile: Tab Textor

Bowl Sponsored Division top 3 went to Jake Ilardi, Nick Wallace, and Tyson Zane.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

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