It's Friday, I'm in Sk8r Boi Love

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, December 13, 2013

Sk8r Boi or Die! This week on the digital airwaves of steamy hawt sk8rboi passion, we have the future Channel West Coast rhyming about her love for us, girls that quit loving just like kooks that quit skating, and more. Here's your Friday night confidence boost, fellow sk8rboyzzzz.

Worldwide, even the teenie bopper boys like the skater girls, too.

You're going to have to be a little more creative or come across a bit more desparate than that, qurl. Borrring!

Kooks quit skating and wack ass teenie boppers quit loving. It happens, I accept it, I guess.

They're out there lurkin' Insta for ya'll gangster boys. Now with Insta DM, you got this for sure!!

"Posers." I love that word, but you know who uses it? Yep, posers. Here's your standard conversation on the playground.

Drown your sorrows with a Dorito shell, qurl.

You gotta love a jelly sk8r boi hatin' because he ain't handsome like Malto. Catch bees with honey, bro.

And sometimes the teenage "realist" chimes in.

We beat the traditional stick and ball boys years ago. Congrats skateboarding!

Rhyme it qurl, you're the future Channel West Coast!

This dude should team up with the Sean Malto complainer. Sit back and enjoy, pal.

Sk8rboiz or Die!

Oh yeah, so now stuff like your profile photo is cool?

Oh damn, Uncle Sam charging our game here.

Tony Hawk, thanks for blazing the trail.

Shoot for the stars.


Yeah qurl, you'll sweep him off his wheels.

I hope your Friday is perf, boiz.