It's Friday, I'm in Sk8r Boi Love

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, December 6, 2013

The teenage loins are still on fire this week. I've got a few select ones for you as usual here.

I went back a bit for this one from back in August. I wonder if any hawt skaters have got with it since then.

Now we're getting grouped with soccer players. Maybe they'll make soccer an "action sport."

Let me clear up some stereotypes. The only skaters on drugs are the ones that push with their front foot.

They callin' ya'll!

Wow, so it's not just fat pile out dudes who quit skating, sometimes the teenie boppers quit loving them???

Another connection between soccer players and skaters?

Strike while the iron's hot, boys.

They'll be shopping at The Boardr soon, still listening to rap. Yeah qurl, you got us all figured out.

You hear that, it's physically impossible for us to be unattractive. Teenie boppers thank you for going shirtless at the local skate park, Bieber.

Ya'll please Tweet to this girl.


Another request for the Arian brotherhood.

Is this the first time in history a girl incorrectly blamed her period?

Tell mom to chill!

Someone send this girl to the contest this weekend.

The stalker status of a lot of these girls is unreal

This girl just woke up.

For some reason, the general teenie bopper public associates us with beanies.

Make your plans for the weekend right here, ya'll.