Copenhagen Pro 2013 Ring of Fire, Vert, and the Street Qualifiers

Posted by Rob Meronek on Saturday, August 3, 2013

The good times continue this week at Copenhagen Pro where the Ring of Fire was set and the Street Qualifiers went down. If you weren't here, I got your back with photos.

Giovanni Reda wins Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Profile: Giovanni Reda

Taylor Bingaman is getting ready for the Vert Contest with a 50-50 on the deck, not on the coping.
Profile: Taylor Bingaman

I know it's "newspaper style" to shoot vert photos without the coping in the frame, but I think I like this method better. It's just different and adds a little bit of an interesting effect being that tight on the skater without a bowed out fisheye shot. I think I'll shoot all my future vert photos like this now.
Profile: Nicky Guerrero

You don't need to see the coping to know that Alex Perelson is blasting backside airs.
Profile: Alex Perelson

Rune Glifberg killed it as usual in his hometown.
Profile: Rune Glifberg

Pontus Bjorn on a judo air.
Profile: Pontus Bjorn

Pause for a gear check with Arto Saari.
Profile: Arto Saari

The vert crowd was thick.

P-Stone is in a Tuborg tornado as usual, but still gets it done.
Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone

Braydon Szafranski is basically a Copenhagen local.
Profile: Braydon Szafranski

Jared Lucas is caught in the act of his #asstotrick move you'll see in any videos he is a part of.
Profile: Braydon Szafranski

Did Ryan Clements just win the Vert Contest?
Profile: Ryan Clements

These dudes claimed they were rolling through the crowd and shooting a photo with anyone famous. Of course the stopped at Jeff Pang.
Profile: Jefferson Pang

The Euro gear always gets a little wacky.

This is the skateboard rockstar seating section. How many pros do you spy?

The session over this bump to trash can went on for hours. If any normal skater caught kickflips like Tommy Fynn, they'd break their ankle.
Profile: Tommy Fynn

Alexander Risvad has a king sized 360 flip over it.
Profile: Alexander Risvad

Andrew Reynolds' frontside flips will never get old.
Profile: Andrew Reynolds

Just a part of the huge crowd and scene on site.

Beagleoneism was there with a death in your face.
Profile: Ryan Ewing Beagleoneism

Yep, Austyn is on HUF now.
Profile: Austyn Gillette

The Ring of Fire kicked off with a troop of whistling Viking women.

Diego Fiorese was first with a kickflip through the Ring of Fire.
Profile: Diego Fiorese

There's another Tommy Fynn broken ankle kickflip.
Profile: Tommy Fynn

Fernando went stale fish grab through it.
Profile: Fernando Bramsmark

This guy was behind the crowd adding extra fire to the Ring of Fire.

The crowd seemed to triple in size once the Ring of Fire started.

Cyril Jackson and fans burning.
Profile: Cyril Jackson

Every year we meet the happiest drunk strangers.
Profile: Brittany Meronek

After calling it a night after the Ring of Fire, we're right back at the Park early the next day. Early being 1pm. Evan Smith is diving into the Danishes.
Profile: Evan Smith

The lives of the party, Giovanni Reda and Eric Koston.
Profile: Giovanni Reda

Sean Malto on Vine or something.
Profile: Sean Malto

Porpe and I can't resist posing with the prize purse loot. That's $70,000 in Benjis right there.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

I feel nervous handling all that.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Andrew, thanks for skating.
Profile: Andrew Reynolds

Peter Ramondetta - alley oop backside over the hip.
Profile: Peter Ramondetta

This might explain David Gravette's run.
Profile: David Gravette

If your event is going right, that means you can actually chill, watch, and enjoy it like the Copenhagen Pro staff is doing right here. Thanks again for having me out here.

Jared Lucas planning his next #asstotrick.
Profile: Jared Lucas

Damn, Stefan Janoski's frontside wallride nollie out looks so smooth and chill.
Profile: Stefan Janoski

Luan Oliveira killed it as usual. That's a switch 360 flip.
Profile: Luan Oliveira

Thanks Dustin Dollin for skating.
Profile: Dustin Dollin

The shark bite protector is not just for ankles, it's also for family.

Evan Smith qualified 1st today. That's a nollie heel into the bank.
Profile: Evan Smith

Ishod, Evan, Porpe, and Wes.
Profile: Ishod Wair

The Baker/Deathwish crew ran deep.
Profile: Dee Ostrander

DC presented Cyril Jackson with his own special shoe colorway edition today. He was beyond hyped.
Profile: Cyril Jackson

And there's David Gravette's run.
Profile: David Gravette

I'm now out to dinner with the ladies on the trip where we scrutinize street menus in search of good eats.

Did they really mean to call that bathroom the pisser?

Pretty much the best chicken sandwich I've ever had is right here at this place called Carlton.

It looks like lunch, but it's actually dinner at like 10pm right now. The sun goes down super late. We're saving the party for tomorrow. Good night Copenhagen.
Profile: Brittany Meronek