Travel Makes You Rich, Skateboarding Makes You Happy. Do Both Here...

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's the number one excuse not to travel? At least when you're young, it always seems to be "I'm broke." Traveling broke makes you rich in life experience that no economic downturn can ever take away. One way to spice up a trip and increase your chances of having a floor to sleep on with new friends is to base it around a good old fashioned skateboard shindig. It just so happens that we've got a few good international gatherings of skateboard rippers coming up in Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and yes, America! Check these out along with some suggestions on how to get there.

Copenhagen Bowl in Denmark: August 28 - 31, 2014

You know the fine folks that have been doing the skateboard shindig in Copenhagen for the past seven years? Year after year, many of your favorite pros refer to that as one of the best pro contests of the year. We certainly think the same. This year it's a ripping bowl jam at Faelledparken where cops can kickflip and beers flow downhill right into your liver pit. Bro down correctly and you'll come up on plenty of free food, too. So, getting yourself there is all you've got to cover. I think it's worth a maxed out credit card if you know you have your life back in order when you return. If I could reach back in time and shake 20-something me into focusing a little less on school and a little more on balancing experiences like Copenhagen, I would. If you want to skate in Copenhagen Bowl, hit me up for registration and we'll get you set up -

Am Getting Paid in Canada: September 12 - 14

How hard is it to get to Canada? Not as hard as it used to be if Raven Tershy made it to Hastings last month. So, pile the homies in a bucket and drive across the border to the Paris of North America aka Montreal for what is sure to be a damn good skateboarding time regardless of what priority order you put partying and skateboarding in. There's a good dose of both at this one with a unique schedule. Friday is the Qualifiers as usual. Saturday is nothing but shady in the chill out tent and an optional Best Trick Contest if you're feeling it. So, make the cut or not, you're partying in a land that respects that fact that 18-year-olds are true adults and can consume any glorious sauce from the bar they so desire. Yep, the drinking age is 18 there. Well it almost seems like you don't even need the skateboard contest excuse to go up there. The Semi-Finals and Finals are on Sunday as usual. Email me to register -

American Soil: Dew Tour Brooklyn and Southbound and Down at The Boardr HQ

You have literally no excuse not to be in Brooklyn. I think every single person I know there claims broke for a living. Not sure how they get by, but with that skateboard population in town for Dew Tour Brooklyn at House of Vans on September 18 - 21, you're bound to find a floor somewhere. If you're closer to the south, come join us on September 27, 2014 for Southbound and Down: Good Times, Motorcycles, and Skateboarding. Half the staff here at The Boardr pushes those two wheeled vehicles on the hot, rainy roads of Florida. Get on one with your board strapped and let it lead you here. You're going to drink for free thanks to PBR, and likely eat for free thanks to a classic skate session grill out. How simple is that?

Kimberley Diamond Cup in South Africa: October 2 - 5, 2014

Yep, this one's far and you're going to have to get creative to get there. If you're a dude or even if not in some cases, maybe you can shack up with a ripping female skateboarder? The Women's purse at KDC this year is $40,000! Your girl can get you on that companion fare for sure. Otherwise, your other alternative: rip, shred, destroy on your skateboard, get an invite to the Contest, and hope to get a piece of that $200k+ purse to not only pay for your flights, but tack on some extra skate/chill time in nearby Cape Town. Sponsors of course can help here. Micky Papa made it work like that in a similar situation last year where he got himself there last minute and won more than enough to cover the expense. The good times were just gravy.

As far as invites at South Africa, it's fairly wide open. Any legit am or pro is welcome to skate the Qualifiers for a shot at the $100,000 1st place spot. Hit me up if you think you can make it -

There's Still More

Grind for Life at Bradenton with Awards here at The Boardr HQ, a Mini-Ramp Jam in Lakeland, and a Save the Date for early December that we'll be announcing soon! Yep, get the full details on all our events right here at Wait until you see what's going on that schedule for 2015. It's going to be a serious second year of what we're trying to build in skateboarding here at The Boardr. Stay posted by joining our mailing list.