Kimberley Diamond Cup 2013: Saturday's Results and Photos

Posted by Rob Meronek on Saturday, September 28, 2013

We just returned from a quick dinner where Vert/Big Air Overall Winner Andy MacDonald picked up the tab as a courtesy cut from his $60,000 first place prize. On Sunday, the live webcast of the Finals starts at 10am Eastern time.

Top 12 made the cut from the Qualifiers to form these bracket matchups. Catch the live webcast right here on or on
Profile: Alec Majerus

Congrats Andy MacDonald for winning his biggest prize in his career today.
Profile: Andy Macdonald

Andy MacDonald with a Madonna on his way to $60k and a small deduction for buying us dinner. Thanks, Andy!
Profile: Andy Macdonald

PLG on a kickflip mute.
Profile: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

The backside tailgrab one foot is a damn good looking vert trick. Who used to do those all the time? Danny Way? Jono impressed everyone this weekend and ended up in 2nd overall.
Profile: Jono Schwan

Two of the best dudes on the transitions this weekend, Sam Beckett and Alex Perelson.
Profile: Sam Beckett

Let's pause to check in with that one sketchy dude. DJ Wade plays even when the street course is empty.
Profile: DJ Wade

Check the footage from Kimberley Diamond Cup of Alex Perelson's vert runs.
Profile: Alex Perelson

Rony Gomes has the Neal Hendrix on lock - backside tailgrab 360.
Profile: Rony Gomes

Alex did this frontside invert up the extension in his last run.
Profile: Alex Perelson

Louie Lopez grew up in the last year and is blowing minds this weekend. That's a backside noseblunt, but if you didn't see the footage of his backside smith grind varial heelflip out on the rail, that's here. Damn, Louie!
Profile: Louie Lopez

Micky Papa is going far into the Finals Brackets with stunts like this kickflip crooks.
Profile: Micky Papa

Nyjah ripped today, but I think he's saving some for the Finals Brackets on Sunday. That's a switch smith.
Profile: Nyjah Huston

Matt Berger has king sized snaps as you can see by this back smith from the low part.
Profile: Matt Berger

Felipe Gustavo on a frontside noseslide.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

After the Street Qualifiers today, the Big Air Contest went down and where we saw big Madonnas from Nolan Munroe.
Profile: Nolan Munroe

Jono Schwan has the tweaks.
Profile: Jono Schwan

Big Air bails are amazing. I wonder if I'll get a cease and desist if I put a toilet on this photo?
Profile: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

Tim McFerran from World Skateboarding presenting with the locals.

Congrats Andy Mac for winning 60 large and thanks again for dinner. Andy even tried to have us stop at a liquor store to buy all the vert guys booze, but all the stores were closed. Next year!
Profile: Andy Macdonald

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