Kimberley Diamond Cup 2013 Jams and Heats

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, September 27, 2013

I've got a few photos from today plus the full list of Jams in the South African Am Street and Kimberley Diamond Cup Street Qualifiers. Also included are the heats in the Vert Contest that had to be moved to Saturday due to high winds. It's going to be a ripping day of top quality skateboarding on Saturday in South Africa.

Vert Heat One

  • 1: Elliot Sloan, Rockstar, Birdhouse, Globe, Triple 8, Bones, Dakine, 187 pads, Thunder, Ethika. New York NY.
  • 2: Rony Gomes, Almost, TNT Energy Drink, Oakley, BDO, Kanui, Airwalk. Sao Paulo Brazili.
  • 3: Nolan Munroe, Rockstar, Pioneer Skate Shop, Osiris, Powell, Bones, Ace Trucks, 187 Pads. Rindge New Hampshire.
  • 4: Jagger Eaton, Indy, Plan B, DC, Bones, Monster Cable, KTR, Red Bull. Mesa AZ.
  • 5: Jono Schwan, sk8-Strong, Theeve, Destroyer, Type S. Colorado Springs CO.

Vert Heat Two

  • 1: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG, Darkstar, Osiris, Monster Energy Drink, Diamond, Grizzly Grip, Gold Wheels, GoPro, Journey's, Boom Audio. Carlsbad Canada.
  • 2: Andy MacDonald, Airwalk, Positiv,,, GoPro. San Diego CA.
  • 3: Danny Mayer, Rockstar Energy Drink, Lost, DC Shoe Co, Indy, Type S Wheels, 187 Pads. San Diego CA.
  • 4: Marcelo Bastos, Element, Boneless. Sao Paolo Brazil.
  • 5: Alex Perelson, Real, Volcom, Vans, Thunder, Spitfire, Monster, Protec, 187 pads. San Diego CA.
  • 6: Sam Beckett, Vans, Monster, Oakley, Dickies, TSG, Blind Europe, Bones Wheels, Route one, Thunder. Norfolk England.

Street Qualifiers Jams

  • Jam 1: Neverton Casella, Rufus Skateshop, Crystal Grip, DC (flow). Cascavel Brazil.
  • Jam 1: Trevor Colden, Nike SB, Mystery, Thunder, Spitfire, Active, Brostyle, Bones Swiss, Happy Hour, Skullcandy. Virginia Beach VA.
  • Jam 1: Yuri Facchini, Blind, Nike SB, Spitfire, Independent, LB Skate Shop, Happy Hour. Parana Brazil.
  • Jam 2: Danny Cerezini, Puma, Asphalt Yacht Club, Grizzly, Glassy, Silver, FKD, Boulevard Skateboards, Bones, CZN Skate Shop. Curitiba Brazil.
  • Jam 2: Evan Binge, G1 Three. Pretoria South Africa.
  • Jam 2: Micky Papa, Almost, Diamond, DC, RDS, One Love Shop, FKD, Silver, Bones, Nixon, Markisa, Mountain Dew Canada. Vancouver BC.
  • Jam 3: Adam Dyet, Darkstar, Rockstar, Bones, Indy, BC Surf and Sport, Miami High. Salt Lake City UT.
  • Jam 3: Matt Berger, etnies, Matix Clothing, Thunder, Flip Skateboards, Underworld Skateshop, Bones Wheels, Monster. BC Canada.
  • Jam 3: Samuel Vider, . Johannesburg South Africa.
  • Jam 4: Jagger Eaton, Indy, Plan B, DC, Bones, Monster Cable, KTR, Red Bull. Mesa AZ.
  • Jam 4: Nyjah Huston, Element, Asphalt Yacht Clut, Ricta, DC, Mob, Stance, Monster. Huntington Beach CA.
  • Jam 4: Tommy Fynn, Stereo, DC, Picture Wheel Company, Modus bearings, The Bay Skate, Independent. Brisbane Australia.
  • Jam 5: Alec Majerus, Adidas, 3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans, Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Nixon, Rockstar. Rochester MN.
  • Jam 5: Louie Lopez, Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Indy, Ricta, Mob Grip, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss. Hawthorne CA.
  • Jam 5: Manny Santiago, Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Tensor, IPath, The Room Board Shop, Flat Fitty, MSA, Etcetera, Grizzly, Diamond, Andele Bearings, Bliss Wheels, Ion Cameras, OC Ramps, Rock Star. Lowell MA.
  • Jam 6: Alexandre Massotti, Osiris, Bones. Barcelona Spain/Brazil.
  • Jam 6: Felipe Gustavo, Plan B, DC, Venture, Red Bull, Bones, LRG, Footprint Insoles, FKD, Mob, Nixon. Brasilia Brazil.
  • Jam 6: Ryan Decenzo, Darkstar, Globe, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones, Arnette, Orion Trucks, Kicker, OC Ramps. Vancouver B.C. Canada.
  • Jam 7: Evan Smith, Element, DC Shoes, DC Apparel, Bones Wheels, Swiss, Indy, Creative Life Support. Orlando FL.
  • Jam 7: Silas Baxter-Neal, Habitat, Krux, Adidas, Spitfire, CCS, Swiss, Cal's Pharmacy, Loud, Poler, Toy Machine Sock Team, Neff. Portland OR.
  • Jam 7: Wes Kremer, SK8Mafia, DC, Royal, OJ Wheels, Paradox Grip. San Diego CA.
  • Jam 8: Greg Lutzka, Darkstar, K-Swiss, Rockstar, Indy, FKD, Ricta, Oakley, Active, Kicker, OC Ramps. Milwaukee WI.
  • Jam 8: James Hardy, Eswic, Fallen, Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Poler. Huntsville AL.
  • Jam 8: Kurtis Colamonico, Famous Stars and Straps, Kontrol Wheels, Furnace Skateshop, JW Motor Sports, Ink Works Tattoo Shop, Kicker Sounds, Diamond, Venture, Daggers, Mophie, Blessed Individuals, Team BK. Long Beach CA.
  • Jam 9: Dlamini Dlamini, Fallen (flow). Durbin South Africa.
  • Jam 9: Moses Adams, Funisu Skateboards, Skullcandy, DC. Cape Town South Africa.

South African Am Street

  • Jam 1: Alan Marola, Volcom South Africa, DC, Planky Planky Skateboards. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 1: Anthony De Mendonca, LRG, Cliche, True Bearings, Friend of Red Bull, Technique Wheels, Skullcandy. Johansburg South Africa.
  • Jam 1: Khule Ngubane, Plan B Skateboards, Nixon, Monster, True Bearings, Drift Innovation, Von Zipper, DC. Durban South Africa.
  • Jam 1: Ofentse Ramakanye, Home Grwn, Dirtbag, Etnies, Levis. Johannesburg South Africa.
  • Jam 2: Evan Binge, G1 Three. Pretoria South Africa.
  • Jam 2: Khulu Dlamini, Plan B, Addidas, RVCA, Brixton. Durban South Africa.
  • Jam 2: Pieter Retief, Addidas, Funisu Skateboards. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 2: Wesley Schroeder, Vans, Selfish (flow). Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 3: Byron Rhoda, Revolution, Fallen, Verb Skateboard. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 3: Justus Kotze, Fallen, KFD Skateboards, Killer Trucks, Oakley Sunglasses, Your Mom's Wheels. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 3: Kanya Spani, Nike SB, Element, Baseline, Dope Industries, Von Zipper, Dakine. Durban South Africa.
  • Jam 3: Yann Horowtiz, NULL. .
  • Jam 4: Braxton Haine, Element, Nike SB. Durban South Africa.
  • Jam 4: Jean-Marc Johannes, Globe footwear, Volcom , Nixon, Red Bull, Almost Skateboards. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 4: Justin Adonis, Gnarley Headwear, Zoo York (flow). Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 4: Stefan Jacobs, Vans, Push Skateboarding, Extant, G Star Graphics. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 5: Charl Steyn, Plakie Skateboards, Independent, Volcom, Mud Buddies Grip. Pretoria South Africa.
  • Jam 5: Martin Stoffberg, Monster, Technique, Mallaz Customs. Durbin South Africa.
  • Jam 5: Samuel Vider, . Johannesburg South Africa.
  • Jam 5: Trae Rice, Revolution (flow), Desolated. Johannesburg South Africa.
  • Jam 6: Adam Woolf, DC, Selfish, Moster. Johansburg South Africa.
  • Jam 6: Ryan Naidoo, KFD Skateboards, Etnies, Revolution Skate Shop. Cape Town South Africa.
  • Jam 6: Stuart Walker, . Pretoria South Africa.
  • Jam 6: Warrick Delport, Technique Skateboards, Act of Boredom Clothing. Kimberley South Africa.
  • Jam 7: Mitchell Rice, Iron Fist. Johannesburg South Africa.
  • Jam 7: Simon Stipcich, Verb, DC. Cape Town South Africa.

Cell Phone Edit: Arrival in Kimberley for a Pub Crawl and Practice at KDC

It's Porpe's big weekend on the mic with Jeff Pang. He's keeping you entertained from morning until late night if you're out past midnight.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Today was the Open Qualifiers for the South African Am Contest on Sunday. These six dudes were picked to join the Am Contest from the big open jam today.

The Hood to Hood Team vs Team Contest went down today also and The Scumbags came away with the win and 25,000 Rand.
Profile: Dlamini Dlamini

This here is my favorite vert skater. Alex Perelson, please stay on and rip tomorrow.
Profile: Alex Perelson

PLG takes time out to mess around after we had to move the Vert Contest to tomorrow morning due to high winds.
Profile: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

Damn, Alex, that's a beautiful padless frontside invert.
Profile: Alex Perelson

Evan Smith has stacks of local fans here.
Profile: Evan Smith

The eruption of cheers from the crowd when Evan stopmed things down the four block was good to hear. That's a 360 flip.
Profile: Evan Smith

How would you like your go to trick to be a switch frontside flip tailslide? Felipe's got it like that.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Micky Papa is going to kickflip frontside noseslide his way to the Finals brackets on Sunday.
Profile: Micky Papa