Six Figure Warm Ups at the Kimberley Diamond Cup 2013

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm adding photos from the early parts of the weekend here at Kimberley Diamond Cup. The ripping is already off the charts.
Alec Majerus Sugar Cane on a Rail
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How often do you see a sugar cane on a rail? Damn, Alec!
Profile: Alec Majerus

It's a peaceful breakfast every morning near The Big Hole with stories of the night before being told over omelettes. That's Silas, Manderson, and Clements.
Profile: Mike Anderson

In America, you hear "above ground pool" and you think rednecks in Plant City. Their above ground pool here is super nice, but cold as ice.

Kurtis Colamonico and local homies are in front of The Big Hole behind the hotel. Kurtis has me extra hyped on being a dad in December because of his stories he has about his kid.
Profile: Kurtis Colamonico

The girls are here and ready to rip for the Girls Contest.

Rothmeyer, Chinner, and Andrew are judges for the local events today.
Profile: Mike Chinner Koroczynsky

Kelly Murray won the Girls Contest today. That's my move that I renamed the meron grab.
Profile: Kelly Murray

Marcelo Bastos is warming up for the Vert Contest on Friday.
Profile: Marcelo Bastos

Congrats Kelly Murray for winning the Girls Contest and 10,000 Rand.
Profile: Kelly Murray

Dallas Oberholzer took a rough shoulder check after getting some flat bottom speed wobbles in the Am Vert, but still ended up winning it and taking 10,000 Rand.
Profile: Dallas Oberholzer

I'm pretty sure there's a law on the books about filming barefoot. That's Ryan Decenzo on a switch noseblunt slide in practice.
Profile: Ryan Decenzo

The Hood to Hood bracket matchups were eight local crews that skated in head to head jams. The Scumbags ended up with the win. You can see individual results at