More Milestones at The Boardr: Course Planning Begins and Our First Retail Customers' Support

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, February 13, 2014

There's so much going on here from events planning to systems work to physical buildout to financial stuff to skate park ideas that I can't even keep track of where I'm at and what I've documented. We're working smart and steady here still putting our 2014 together while I pause here for an update. Our tenants in the other half of our warehouse are now out so we can start figuring out what will work for our facility to play with our skateboards in. Our physical store is far from done, but we had our friend Jared come by to be the first customer and run our first live transaction in our POS system we created from scratch. Watch for that to turn into a brand and software company of its own one day, maybe. In the digital world, local friend Wit-E Beats was the first online customer and shipped box out the door last week when we flipped the switch there. We've also been steadily welcoming our favorite brands with plenty more on the way. Thanks again for following along as we build The Boardr Skateboard Company.

There are temporary desks here where the Store will be while we wait for our neighbors to vacate their offices. Porpe is pushing the paperwork and handling the finances of some of your favorite pros like Mark Gonzales, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill, and Fred Gall. Yes, even Fred Gall has finances that need to be kept on point.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Justin Ryan wins the Survivor Office Edition with that thrown together desk.
Profile: Justin Ryan

My product photography setup is pretty hood right now, too. We make it work.

Ryan Clements is in the skateboarding section of our offices figuring out measurements and options on what will fit.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Jared Currey's a retail nerd and wanted to come by and see the Store version of the POS in action. We squashed some last minute bugs as he completed the first in-person retail transaction for us. Right now the shopping isn't looking so glam.
Profile: Jared Currey

Oh damn, Jared's rolling heavy in a van. Thanks for the support!
Profile: Jared Currey

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