Another Milestone: We Shipped Our First Little Stack of Orders Today

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inventory's in and stuff's online now. We ended our first weekend of being digitally open with a few orders for The Boardr T Shirt and some other random stuff. It was a memorable day for us. I'm just documenting it with a few quick snaps. This milestone seems like it has caused the work to just get started. Good thing it's mostly skateboarding work because that's a pretty good time. If your name was in that pile, thanks for the support.

That's Bob packing up the first few orders. Eric from Brandon was the first order in. What a crazy day today was with all of us right back in the mode we were in just over six short months ago.
Profile: Bob Freeman

This is part of our backstock storage. We don't have much to store. By the time The Boardr Physical store opens up, you should see a bit more shelf space used.

It looks like a giant shoe box doesn't it? That hut is going to be where our physical store is. I can't wait to have shoes in here.

When you're in the physical store on the right, you can look through this window here to see the backstock where most of our stuff will be. We'll try to keep the store as uncluttered and clean as possible.

And that's our little tiny stack of skateboard love leaving the building to land on your doorstep from our first day of packing orders up. Thank you so much for the support and following along with what we're trying to create here.

We had to do another staff photo of course. We've got Justin as our Buyer and manager of inventory, Bob as our online guy and general bookkeeping help, Ryan as management from upper to lower, Jorge as support for everyone from events management to marketing and more, and me with the tech to make the backend run on point with a crew as lean as possible. What's missing? Who should the next employee of The Boardr be? We've got that piece of the puzzle figured out and will make an announcement we're real excited about at the end of the month.

If I were an outsider looking in, I'd expect a bunch of bottle popping and high fiving, maybe even a stripper jumping out of a cake on a day like today. Maybe at the end of the year we'll pull that move, but right now, we know our work is cut out for us. We're all banging on the keyboards when we're not pushing on the skateboards.
Profile: Justin Ryan

We don't have any offices or formal places to sit right now, so you kind of just pick a place and get it done. We're still working on the buildout of the physical shop and setup of the whole packing and shipping area.
Profile: Ryan Clements

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