Ribbon Cutting! The First Session at The Boardr Mini Ramp

Posted by Jorge Angel aka Porpe on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Clements barged it after discovering he didn't get the memo on the first session where we cooked it up for the crew that broke it in. Thanks for coming ya'll. Look for regular edits from the regular shred that will be going on at The Boardr Mini.

You can't have a good session without some burgers and hot dogs.

Dave Cruz was feeling my burgers.
Profile: Dave Cruz

Derick Glancy with a proper front feeble. I just might have to learn those.
Profile: Derick Glancy

Jereme Knibbs was destroying the ramp. Here is a locked sugarcane.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

The First Mini Ramp Session at The Boardr Jereme Knibbs Off the Wall
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The ollie from the wall to the ramp isn't easy. Jereme handled it with no problems.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Looking forward to having more sessions on the ramp. Don't be shy, come by The Boardr Store and have a session on our new mini-ramp. We're here from 11am to 6pm weekdays.