Recap: adidas Skate Copa at Austin

Congrats Rukus on taking it at the Austin stop of adidas Skate Copa. They've got all expenses paid on a trip to the Finals at The Berrics. HiDefJoe's got his video coverage recap here and I've got a few photos for you.

Recap: adidas Skate Copa at Austin

Posted by Rob Meronek 7 years ago on June 6th, 2014

Congrats Rukus on taking it at the Austin stop of adidas Skate Copa. They've got all expenses paid on a trip to the Finals at The Berrics. HiDefJoe has his video recap here. Check brackets results here and individual results here.


We used to find a place to stay in Austin for part of this week. The owner's dog chills with us in this nice two room guest house that we're stacked in.

Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

We're on site at 6am to set up banners and stickers as usual. Cool that this amazing park is also lit up, too.

Elias, Rothmeyer, and Sinclair make their plans to put numbers down.

Profile: Elias Bingham

I hope you got your footwear upgrade from the adidas tent.

Brett Heinis frontside bluntslides the big rail for 5-0 Skate Shop.

Profile: Brett Heinis

Sergio Ledezma has a pretty tight rollaway from this switch frontside 360 for the Fast Forward team.

Profile: Sergio Ledezma

Pause for a gear check with Matt Irving. He's putting together the Skate Copa edits you'll see on The Berrics that include street missions, a closer look at the Contest, and other things going on over the weekend at each stop.

Porpe has his Music Coach hat on for DJ AK making him run a little bit overboard on the OF at times.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

The Kingpinz crew checking the stats leaderboard after sweating it out in their jam. You know what, I should brag more about how I can make computers do just about anything. Here's a stab at it: So, adidas mentions about a week before the event that a leaderboard with updates on contest progress and scores shown on an HD monitor on site would be nice. Any other production company would throw up arms or at least a huge bill and get pissy. I just sat down, dorked off spitting out some computer code, and there you have it. It's done and just added as icing to the cake of top quality service you get from The Boardr. Okay, bragging done, for now.

Tyler Tutaj rides for No-Comply. Can you stomp a nollie backside flip any more perfect than that?

Profile: Tyler Tutaj

There seems to be a lot more smokers in the crowds here. Maybe it's a Texas thing.

Max Taylor with a frontside bluntslide for the No Comply team.

Profile: Max Taylor

At 37, Simon is the optional old guy on the No Comply team, skating like a young guy.

Profile: Simon Bingham

Garrett Young contributed the most to Rukus making it all the way to the end. That's a frontside bluntslide.

Profile: Garrett Young

Garrett Young - frontside noseblunt slide.

Profile: Garrett Young

Did Christian catch his hat? Check the sequence on the backside 360.

Profile: Christian Dufrene

Did you come up on a Skate Copa shirt? Maybe you caught one from Pete Eldridge up there.

Profile: Pete Eldridge

Thanks to BLX for coming all the way from Tucson. They got a special award for that.

Garrett's special award was Keeps a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'. Some of those slams he took were pretty harsh before he got back up to make his trick.

Profile: Garrett Young

We'll see the whole Rukus crew at The Berrics for the Finals. Congrats, dudes.

The open Best Trick was a frenzy as usual.

Jereme wasn't in the contest, but since Best Trick at each stop is open to anyone who wants to skate it, he got this switch crooks to forward in there.

Profile: Jereme Knibbs

We've got some cash at each stop for Best Trick. Jereme got his. Porpe probably got some of Jereme's on a sketchy street agency type deal or something. Thanks everyone for being part of another Skate Copa stop.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Locals finish off a hard day skating with a spicy pickle.

Profile: Garrett Young

Food trucks are the norm here. Thanks No-Comply Skate Shop for hooking up Fork in the Road for everyone after the Contest.

With a 3am wake up call to get home the next morning, we had to skip the late night after-party, but Porpe stayed out all night and made his mark. Thanks Elias for hosting and having your crew in the Contest.

Profile: Elias Bingham

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