Recap: The Boardr Am Series at Huntington Beach

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, July 30, 2018

Stop 2 of 3 for The Boardr Am is in the books where Lucas Rabelo ended up in the top spot here at Huntington Beach. Next up is San Diego before we all head to the Season Finals at Am Getting Paid in Montreal where a $20,000 purse is on the on the line. This year, there's a Women's division with the same purse! Register and get details on our events list.

Starting the day out like we are at the beach.

DJ Roman Getting a little skating in before he gets set up.
Profile: Kevin Romar

Mr. Hospitality him self. Thanks for everything player.
Profile: TJ Rogers

Dylan Williams with the gap smith.
Profile: Dylan Williams

Front blunt from Ruben Castillo.
Profile: Ruben Castillo

Julian De Palma with the lip slide.
Profile: Julian De Palma

Christian is always the happiest dude at the contest.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Everyone just looking for a little shade.

Lazer getting in to a back tail.
Profile: Lazer Crawford

Dufrene with the back 180 nose grind.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Midler stopped by to check things out.
Profile: Alex Midler

We're welcoming Bones Love Milk to The Boardr Am Series. Thanks for backing what we're up to in amateur skateboarding.

Proper back tail.

Ryan Alvero with the back one nose grind.
Profile: Ryan Alvero

The Marinela tent was packed all day.

Front feeble from Franky.
Profile: Franky Villani

Decenzo showed and kicked it for awhile.
Profile: Ryan Decenzo

Andy with the blunt slide.
Profile: Andy Anderson

Big Z showed up!
Profile: Zion Wright

Cordano Russell with the stylish BS nose blunt.
Profile: Cordano Russell

Arthur Cordova with the switch heel.
Profile: Arthur Cordova

Switch smith from Dilo.
Profile: John Dilorenzo

Franky was having a good time all day.
Profile: Franky Villani

Profile: Dog of the Day

Franky with my favorite trick of the day.
Profile: Franky Villani

This back breaker helped Lucas Rabelo take 1st.
Profile: Lucas Rabelo

Marcos sitting on a back 5-0.
Profile: Marcos Montoya

Rio with the flick lip slide.
Profile: Rio Batan Matienzo

270 front board from Keyaki Ike.
Profile: Keyaki Ike

One of my favorite photographers stopped by today.

That catch though.
Profile: Greyson Beal

Rob Nerding out.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Rider meeting.

Franky bringing the heat for the finals.
Profile: Franky Villani

Lucas Rabelo was on one all day.
Profile: Lucas Rabelo

Jhancarlos Gonzalez took home the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Profile: Jhancarlos Gonzalez

Everyone ripped but in the end Lucas Rabelo took home the top spot.
Profile: Lucas Rabelo