Recap: The Boardr Am at Huntington Beach

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, July 31, 2017

The second stop of the year for The Boardr Am that leads to Am Getting Paid for the Finals in Montreal is in the books. Congrats to Ke'Chaud Johnson at this stop. He's going all expenses paid to the Finals to join Jereme Knibbs who won the NYC stop.

The Body doesn't just make the sound, he sets it up, too.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

20 years of hanging banners.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Quick meeting before the madness. Thanks for joining the staff, Kevin.
Profile: Kevin Romar

Who's going to take it?

Nobacel Villalobos with an impressive front board for a 10 year old.
Profile: Nobacel Villalobos

Dilo has switch heels on lock and on pop.
Profile: John Dilorenzo

Anthony Estrada, 360 flip.
Profile: Anthony Estrada

We saw Myles ripping at the past Grind for Life in Huntington Beach. He held his own with the big dogs today.
Profile: Myles Strampello

CJ on a back lip in between practice at the Vans Park Series down the street.
Profile: CJ Collins

Blue Wilson, wallie nollie.
Profile: Blue Wilson

Omar Guerrero with the double shaka to trust fall.
Profile: Omar Guerrero

The cool kids corner.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Andrey Tarasov, hurricane.
Profile: Andrey Tarasov

Thanks CJ for doing double contest duty this week.
Profile: CJ Collins

Jonathon Reese, frontside flip on his way to winning the Qualifiers.
Profile: Jonathon Reese

No sunburn for Trap Nate.
Profile: Nate Ilardi aka Trap Nate

Mike Sinclair brought his own cold water.
Profile: Mike Sinclair

Dylan Williams, nollie nose grind.
Profile: Dylan Williams

Rob looking like the happiest dude in skateboarding.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Enzo, - 360 flip.
Profile: Enzo Cautela

Jake Ilardi with the back lip. It looked like he could have sealed the deal in the Finals but it didn't quite come together at the end of his run.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Thanks for stopping by, Ryan.
Profile: Ryan Decenzo

Davis joins the judges staff on this one, one of many current pros interested in helping out these days. Thanks, Davis!
Profile: Davis Torgerson

Mateo Rael, kick flip back tail.
Profile: Mateo Rael

Christian Dufrene with a proper front feeble. He was on the way to winning another one.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Ke'chaud with the biggest ollie of the day during his glory run where he sealed the deal.
Profile: Ke'Chaud Johnson

Dilo taking home the Zumiez Destroyer award.
Profile: John Dilorenzo

Kevin Romar was on point all day.
Profile: Kevin Romar

Ke'Chaud, Dufrene, and Dilorenzo took home the top 3 spots. Congrats, Ke'Chaud!
Profile: Ke'Chaud Johnson

TJ Rogers took home the big prize. He's a Marinela fan like us.
Profile: TJ Rogers