Recap: The Boardr Am at NYC

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, June 6, 2019

The second stop of The Boardr Am Series was in NYC this weekend. Check the recap and results below.

We are starting the day out with the DOTD!
Profile: Dog of the Day

Registration on point this morning.
Profile: Dylan Perry

Jack Sabback on the judges stand.
Profile: Jack Sabback

Jordan Pascale was ripping all day!
Profile: Jordan Pascale

Gear check!

Juan Uribe with the back tail.
Profile: Juan Uribe

Impossible from Chris Colbourn.
Profile: Chris Colbourn

Dylan Nieves standing out with a front blunt.
Profile: Dylan Nieves

Turned around during the contest and saw this lady taking a selfie. I thought everyone would enjoy it.

Austin Turgon with the lipslide.
Profile: Austin Turgon

Wes Box was on the scene.
Profile: Wesley Box

Pat Stiener taking a little lunch break.
Profile: Pat Stiener


Duron with the nose grind.
Profile: Duron Simons

Always a heavy squad in NYC.

Tyler Hunger putting some style on this nosegrind back 180.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Porpe letting everyone know how the 2-5-4 format works.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Tall order from a little dude. Jiro held it down with the big dogs all weekend!
Profile: Jiro Platt

You can't go wrong with a good 3 flip.
Profile: Greyson Beal

Noseblunt from Dominick Walker.
Profile: Dominick Walker

Cookie on the apple.
Profile: Chris Colbourn

Heavy crowd for the finals.

Brian O'Dwyer getting up there on this front feeble.
Profile: Brian O'Dwyer

Dominick Walker checking out the scores to see what he needs to do.
Profile: Dominick Walker

Congrats Cookie!!
Profile: Chris Colbourn

Jiro killed it all weekend and that's why he takes home the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Profile: Jiro Platt

Congrats again to Cookie and big thanks to everyone that came out and skated it was a good day.
Profile: Chris Colbourn