Recap: Yoshi Tanenbaum Wins The Boardr Am at NYC

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Congrats Yoshi Tanenbaum for winning the NYC stop of The Boardr Am today. Yoshi joins Jon Cosentino (LA), Jagger Eaton (Houston), Jamie Foy (Tampa), and Dustin Blauvelt (Detroit) as the fifth person to shred their way into a spot at The Boardr Am Series Finals on the course at @XGames Austin this summer. The next stop is Las Vegas for the last chance for you to get your spot and be the first amateur skateboarder holding an X Games Gold Medal when the dust settles in June. Thanks everyone who skated today. See you there next year.

We're always star struck by Gonz. Thanks for coming by to hang out at the contest, Mark!
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales - frontside ollie.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Clint Beswick, 360 flip.
Profile: Clint Beswick

Congrats Yoshi for winning this stop and getting a ticket to The Boardr Am Series Finals at X Games this summer.
Profile: Yoshi Tanenbaum

Yoshi Tanenbaum, backside flip.
Profile: Yoshi Tanenbaum

Maurio McCoy, frontside flip.
Profile: Maurio McCoy

Yoshi, backside flip.
Profile: Yoshi Tanenbaum

Chris Blake, frontside 180 fakie manual.
Profile: Chris Blake

Maurio McCoy, kickflip.
Profile: Maurio McCoy

Jereme Knibbs, frontside 360.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Kempsey Alexandre, backside 180 nosegrind.
Profile: Kempsey Alexandre

Keith Hardy, frontside grind up.
Profile: Keith Hardy

Thanks for being here.

Greyson Beal, hardflip.
Profile: Greyson Beal

Pat Schaefer, switch flip.
Profile: Pat Schaefer

Chris Blake, frontside nosegrind.
Profile: Chris Blake

A nice leveled out wallride.

Pat Tremblay, bsts.
Profile: Pat Tremblay

I hope you enjoyed Tim's banter on the mic.
Profile: Tim O'Connor

Profile: Piro Sierra

Profile: Adam Kearley

HiDefJoe's new toy is this Yuneec droid. Watch for it buzzing by your head soon.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe