Recap: Jon Cos Wins The Boardr Am at Los Angeles

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, January 30, 2015

Jon wins a personal red carpet laid out by Porpe for The Boardr Am Finals at X Games Austin. Porpe will be taking care of his flight, hotel, local travel, chow downs, and might even give him a foot massage. Yep, Jon gets all expenses paid for destroying it today at Stoner Skate Plaza. Check out full results below along with some photos and video recap.

Vincent Nava, back overcrook.
Profile: Vincent Nava

Porpe and Felipe Gustavo who stopped by to check out the Contest.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Matt Miller stopped by with the Expedition crew.
Profile: Matt Miller

Best seats in the spectator house.

Steady with the cuffed pants.

Deville and Nieratko.
Profile: Chris Nieratko

Blowing up the feed with #theboardram.

Katsuya Shiratori, backside 360.
Profile: Katsuya Shiratori

Daniel Espinoza and a fan in the crowd.
Profile: Daniel Espinoza

Chris Nieratko and Alex Midler review the important issues.
Profile: Alex Midler

Blake Carpenter, frontside 180 fakie 50-50 like OG Gonz.
Profile: Blake Carpenter

Yep, this is LA.

Jake Ilardi and Malik Jones at the rolling snack shack.
Profile: Malik Jones

Tyler Hunger, Dylan Perry, Yoda, Ish Cepeda, Ronnie Kessner, Tyson Peterson. Skateboarding makes you friends all across the country.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

The Boardr Am trophies.

Jon Cos' first run he put together included this nollie heelflip front board that sealed the deal.
Profile: Jon Cosentino

Dashawn Jordan had this laserflip every time.
Profile: Dashawn Jordan

Brodie KFBSTS at The Boardr Am Los Angeles
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Brodie Penrod, kickflip backside tailslide.
Profile: Brodie Penrod

Dashawn 360 Flip 50-50 at The Boardr Am Los Angeles
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Dashawn Jordan, 360 filp 50-50.
Profile: Dashawn Jordan

Joey Ragali at The Boardr Am Los Angeles
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Joey Ragali, frontside 180 fakie 5-0.
Profile: Joey Ragali

Top three where Jon Cos (1st), Stoner local Sebo Walker (2nd), and Dashawn Jordan (3rd).
Profile: Jon Cosentino

Congrats, Jon! See you at The Boardr Am Finals at X Games.
Profile: Jon Cosentino

Our rolling office aka the #BoardrBus stores all the gear we need to run a proper skateboard shindig like The Boardr Am.

Ryan and Porpe prepping for the video intro and their later appearance on ESPN/ABC when The Boardr Am airs in the one hour show on World of X this summer.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Thanks Pharmacy for bringing the crew. Maybe we should do one of these in Vegas.

Snacks before judging 100+ skaters.
Profile: Mike Sinclair

Heath and Ryan as we wrap up to get closed down at Stoner by 5pm. Thanks to everyone who came by to support the first ever stop of The Boardr Am. See you in Houston!
Profile: Ryan Clements