Recap: adidas Skate Copa at Los Angeles

Congrats to Active Ride Shop for taking the win against 17 other shops in the first stop of the 2015 adidas Skate Copa series in Los Angeles today. We've got the full recap here with video, photos, and results.

Recap: adidas Skate Copa at Los Angeles

Posted by Rob Meronek 6 years ago on March 3rd, 2015

Congrats to Active Ride Shop for taking the win against 17 other shops in the first stop of the 2015 adidas Skate Copa series in Los Angeles today.



We started out at The Berrics where shipments of all our adidas branding stuff was sent for us to pick up and bring to the Contest site. Porpe is applying for the ref job at BATB.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

The skateboard rock stars that come through the doors here are always a nice surprise. Daniel Lebron is here with several skaters from the Nike and Lakai crews.

Profile: Daniel Lebron

Youness and James Craig.

Profile: Youness Amrani

We hauled a truckload of gear over to Westchester where the Contest is at. All the kids are on filming missions here.

Down the street is a vintage #BoardrBus.

Our day starts super early getting the course branded up with adidas and Boost.

The skate rats are out here super early while we work.

Keep up with a behind the scenes look and random chatter about anything and everything on our Snap Chat: TheBoardr. We do giveaways there, answer questions about product, stalk skateboard celebrities, and all that.

I hope you came up on some ripping new kicks like these kids.

Learn about that Boost technology here and after you stand on it, you'll be sold. Pick up that ADV Boost shoe here.

Sometimes shade just doesn't work out for the judges. We've got some custom iPad protectors for them. Tim and Vern on the mic along with James Craig, Mike Sinclair, and Jason Rothmeyer on the scores. That is one set of fantastic skate nerds and critics right there.

Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

The family camp outs at these events are so good.

Tristan is here skating for Val Surf with a fast plant on the Boost the Bar.

Profile: Tristan Funkhouser aka TFunk

Your girl is checking to see where you're at on the instant scoring and updates provided by The Boardr Live.

Chris Troy is here with Surf Ride. Unfortunately, he's not making it to Tampa Pro or Bro this year due to work obligations. Hope to see you back in Tampa soon, Chris.

Profile: Chris Troy

Jeff's here with Surf Ride and is just about to shuffle his feet for a fast late shuv it over the Boost the Bar.

Profile: Jeff Blue Wright

Some heavy industry chatter going down between Chris Ortiz and Tom Curren. Heavy.

Profile: Chris Ortiz

Thanks for coming, y'all.

Last time we saw Julluis Jimenez when he used to live in Tampa, he was a ripping blunt nose grabbing little toddler. Now he's a grown man living in Califonia. Time flies when you're having skateboard fun.

Profile: Julluis Jimenez

Skin, Jake, and Jack.

Profile: Jack Fardell

Porpe and Pete.

Profile: Pete Eldridge

Mike Marks switch flipping the Boost the Bar.

Profile: Mike Marks

Chris Joslin on a bigger flip over the Boost the Bar.

Profile: Chris Joslin

Enzo Cautela on a nollie flip down the stairs.

Profile: Enzo Cautela

Mikee Brown on a fakie 50-50 switch bigspin out. People were feeling that one.

Profile: Mikee Brown

Chris Joslin on a nollie backside heelflip.

Profile: Chris Joslin

Tre Williams switch flipping the Boost the Bar.

Profile: Tre Williams

I didn't get this dude's name, but I sure like the wallride overcrook.

At every stop, we have $250 for three special awards that we make up on the spot. One of them went to Chris Troy.

Profile: Chris Troy

Julian got a special award for being just too damn good.

Profile: Julian Christianson

Franky Villani was the Boardr Boys favorite.

Profile: Franky Villani

With a team stacked like that, Active won it at this stop.

Profile: Chris Joslin

Following the main event, the Boost the Bar Best Trick is open to anyone to skate, and as you can see here, any trick selection.

Austin Flood fakie flipped it and frontside Half cab flipped it and won the Boost the Bar Best Trick at this stop.

Profile: Austin Flood

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