Harold Hunter Day 2017

Posted by Chaz Miley on Monday, June 19, 2017

We helped organize the day for one of the greats, Harold Hunter, in NYC the day after The Boardr Am at LES.

Getting the day started over here at LES for Harold Hunter Day.

Better get this pup to the vet he looks sick.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Crack repair with Casey Wayne.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Style master Keith.
Profile: Keith Hardy

Steve Rodriguez ready to get on the mic.
Profile: Steve Rodriguez

The esteemed judging panel.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Kickflip front 50-50 from Brandon James.
Profile: Brandon James

270 front board from Jalen Willis.
Profile: Jalen Willis

Jake Illardi, hard flip back lip.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Tyler Hinger with the front heel.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Things got a little hectic at the apple.

Duron Simons with the switch 3 flip.
Profile: Duron Simons

John Osborne has quite an impressive kickflip shifty.
Profile: John Osborne

Big flip from Tyler Hunger.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Jason setting up the surprise adidas obstacle.

Almost time to huck it.
Profile: Ryan Clements

I was in the danger zone.

Shawn Butler, mid body varial.
Profile: Shawn Butler

Brandon Bonner, kickflip.
Profile: Brandon Bonner aka Boner

360 flip up.

Tyler with the hard flip up.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Jiro Platt was the youngest by far to huck it into the bank.
Profile: Jiro Platt

Jake with the 3 flip.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Brandon Bonner with a lofty heel flip.
Profile: Brandon Bonner aka Boner

DJ so in the zone he didn't even see that kid eat it on the course.


Congrats Mathew Rosado and Bashaar Clarke. Have fun out at Woodward.

Carlo Carezzano, Austin Sierra, and Jake Ilardi, took home theta 3 spots for the G-Shock Best Trick.
Profile: Carlo Carezzano

Duron Simons, Jake Ilardi, and Carlo Carezzano, took home the top 3 spots for the Skull Candy Best Trick.
Profile: Duron Simons

Tyler Hunger, Carlo Carezzano, and Jake Ilardi took home the top 3 spots for the adidas Best Trick.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

A good ol' fashioned product toss.

On this note, we are out.
Profile: Giovanni Reda