What is a Skateboarder? Rodney Mullen, Tech Industry, and Innoskate

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, January 29, 2015

This one hit fairly close to home for me. I've been both a computer and skateboard nerd my whole life. Recently, Rodney Mullen has immersed himself in the world of Linux, a computer operating system made by this dude Linus who I would imagine now can kickflip like everyone else. Anyway, Rodney was recently written about in this Wired article where he goes on about the similarities between banging your head on a computer keyboard like I do all day and perfecting skateboarding stunts. I have never really drawn that comparison, but then again I don't approach my skateboarding with the drive and determination like a pro like Rodney does. The article's a great read. Related to that, we uploaded Rodney's talk about what skateboarding is and other topics when he were here in Florida at Innoskate this summer. Enjoy the skate and digi nerdness. It was fully packed in the audience at Innoskate but you could hear a pin drop while Rodney spoke.