Recap: Innoskate at Greenville, South Carolina

This weekend in Greenville was another stop for the Smithsonian's Innoskate program.

Recap: Innoskate at Greenville, South Carolina

Posted by Chaz Miley OLD 5 years ago on August 1st, 2015

This weekend in Greenville was another stop for the Smithsonian's Innoskate program.


Local ripper Jerry Harris showed us some of the street spots before we got to work at The Children’s Museum for the Innoskate event.

Jaws wasn't in Greenville for Innoskate, but we did find a spot that he would have liked.

Profile: Aaron Homoki aka Jaws

Jereme Knibbs and Dylan Perry got a little teamwork going at the Poe Mill DIY.

Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Josh Friedberg was all around kiling it this weekend and this wallride is proof of that.

Profile: Josh Friedberg

Scotty took some time off from announcing to get a little racing done inside The Chidren's Museum.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Mallgrabs seemed to be everywhere I looked, but we fixed that during the Learn to Skate Clinics.

Jereme Knibbs had a line of kids ready to learn a little skatboarding.

Profile: Jereme Knibbs

This girl had the David Loy hair color.

Profile: David Loy

Paul Schmitt and Ryan Clements going through 50 years of skateboard innovation.

Profile: Ryan Clements

David Loy helping Paul Schmitt and Ryan Clements demonstrate 50 years of skatebooard innovation.

Profile: David Loy

David Loy showing the kids just how easy 360 flips are. Someone show Porpe.

Profile: David Loy

The second panel of the day was all about innovation and invention in Greenville and featured Jay Long of Michelin.

This was definetly the longest board at Innoskate.

Michelin gave out some prototype skate wheels to all the kids.

Mouse was out painting everything he could get his hands on.

Jerry Harris was everywhere.

Cuba Skate and Benafsha from Skatetistan in Afghanistan rounded out the global panel.

Alex Johnson kickflipped over the rail in the Best Trick Contest.

Jerry Harris jumped right into 1st place with this ollie to street in the Best Trick.

David Loy also ollied out to the street just for the kids.

Profile: David Loy

Jared Lee did more than a few tricks to land him in the 2nd place spot of the Best Trick.

Scotty had a little help on the mic from the Michelin Man himself.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Ryan Clements and Casey Wayne handing out some prizes to those worthy of honorable mentions.

Profile: Casey Wayne

Jerry Harris picking up his 1st place prize pack.

It was so hot out that the sun warped our DJ's vinyl.

Nancy Halverson from The Children's Museum was an amazing host all weekend. Here she is with David Loy's board he broke at the event.

Jared Lee and Mouse are both amazing at what they do. Jared puts down a fakie hang-up while Mouse gives Poe Mill a little color.

Poe Mill from the top of the building that acted as the Mill's office while the Mill was in operation.

Thanks to the skateboarding community in Greenville for making this Innoskate fun for everyone involved and keeping skateboarding rad.

The #BoardrBoys brought the party to downtown Greenville every night this weekend.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

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