Photo and Video Recap: Zappos Rideshop Series in Las Vegas

Posted by Rob Meronek on Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wow, what a great night that just went down here in Las Vegas where two city blocks were shut down for a ripping skateboarding contest. Check the results here. Congrats to Evan Smith for that insane line you see in this video. I've got a full camera dump for you here, including this blunt fakie ollie impossible out that I've never seen before. Damn, Reggie!

Evan's Winning Run

Full Edit and Video Recap

Our day starts at 6am loading ramps onto a truck to take them down the street to the Contest site.

HiDefJoe looking like he's getting artsy.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

There's no way we could have done this without the support of the entire Pharmacy crew here.

Just before 7am, this dude strolls up for some conversation. With that tall can of sauce at this time, I know I was guilty of some pre-judgements on him. He turned out to be an interesting dude, simply on his way to go have breakfast with a friend.
Profile: Ryan Clements

The neon signs and palms trees go nicely togehter.

The world's largest pint is no match for HiDefJoe's size.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

It's tough taking photos in this harsh sunlight mixed with half shade, but Dennis Busenitz's kickflips still look good even though I can't figure out my camera in this situation.
Profile: Dennis Busenitz

These kids stopped Micky Papa for an autograph and photo so I had to jump in and do the same.
Profile: Micky Papa

When two random ladies like this walk by, you have to stop and get a photo. Tyson Bowerbank looks like a classic Vegas tourist now.
Profile: Tyson Bowerbank

I brought the peacocks on the ramps to spice up a few skate photos. That's Jon on a back smith.
Profile: Jon Sciano

Paul Hart backside tailslides for the Vegas ladies.
Profile: Paul Hart

Meanwhile, the line for Taking Back Sunday autographs is growing beyond the block size.

Spank had kids lined up for his dressed up grip tape pieces.

David Bachinsky was the judges' choice for winning a year's supply of Mountain Dew and a wildcard invite to Dew Tour Portland Best Trick. We'll be there. More on that later.
Profile: David Bachinsky

What a line-up of pros and ams. How many do you recognize?

Billy Marks is taking this tuck knee right to the tables after this.
Profile: Billy Marks

Jovahn Bergeron paired up with Dune on the mic was a nice combo.
Profile: Jovahn Bergeron

Another Busenitz kickflip? Sure.
Profile: Dennis Busenitz

Everyone seemed to have a tall can in their hands.

Kenny Anderon's judging and using The Boardr Live, our live and instant scoring system powering the back end of all our events.
Profile: Kenny Anderson

I wonder if anyone just cashed in their chips they got for ripping tricks instead of going for it on the tables?
Profile: Evan Smith

It was nice to see Jamie Thomas take a few runs in the Contest today.
Profile: Jamie Thomas

The scene here was so good.

Micky Papa probably took his bonus chips to the tables.
Profile: Micky Papa

Braydon and Kenny, Vegas locals and OG's.
Profile: Braydon Szafranski

All the homies are high fiving and hyped on Mark Appleyard skating in it.
Profile: Mark Appleyard

Adam Dyet Kickflip Meron at Vegas
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Adam Dyet has his classic kickflip Meron here.
Profile: Adam Dyet

Evan Smith Wallie at Vegas
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We're not even done with construction and Evan Smith is already here finding creative ways to run the course while there's no crowd yet.
Profile: Evan Smith

Reggie Kelly Blunt Ollie Impossible Fakie
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Wow, I've never seen that one before. When someone told me Reggie Kelly was doing blunt ollie impossible out to fakie, I couldn't even picture it. Look how wrapped that is, too. Yeah, Reggie!
Profile: Reggie Kelly

Tristan Funkhouse 360 Rock and Roll
Click to Load Sequence!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Tristan Funkhouser at the X Games Am we're running in Austin, Texas. More on that later, too.
Profile: Tristan Funkhouser aka TFunk

Sebo Walker drops a 360 flip out of the bottom of the martini glass.
Profile: Sebo Walker

Oscar Meza has a frontside flip and a martini.
Profile: Oscar Meza

It's been a while since we've seen Tony Cervantes skating in a contest. He's got that same side tweak on the Meron grab that he's always had.
Profile: Tony Cervantes

Clint Peterson touched on your old school skate video sounds for this event.
Profile: Clint Peterson

Evan Smith won it and goes home with this Elvis velvet painting, among other things.
Profile: Evan Smith

Thanks everyone for ripping and making it a fun one today.

Right after the Contest ended, the locals got to skate the ramps while Taking Back Sunday played in front of the El Cortez hotel. The crowd is getting thick.

Only in Vegas can a show go down like this. There were just four cops on the scene and no meathead security guards needed. Everything went smooth as baby butt, event with open containers and alcohol flowing everywhere. Imagine that. Don't stronghold restrict people and things work out fine.

Clements and HiDefJoe are working on their video edit of the event now.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Over at The Griffin, I found plenty of pro skateboarder livers soaking in booze. Justin Strubing was happy and sauced up.
Profile: Justin Strubing

Strubing has my camera now and is blowing up the flash in everyone's face.
Profile: Paul Shier

Focus is hard when you're drunk, both mentally and camera-wise. Justin's still got the camera.

Jimmy Cao, I hope you got dealt that hand at the blackjack tables. Strubing shot a nice one here.
Profile: Jimmy Cao

Thanks Clements for a mountain of legwork and details management to make this event go smooth and fun. Thanks Strubing for the party photos. Thanks Zappos for having us. Thanks Vegas for the good times. Let's get everyone together and do this again soon!
Profile: Rob Meronek