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Enzo Cautela Wins Zappos Rideshop

Published 5/29/2015 by Rob Meronek

Enzo won last week's last stop of The Boardr Am here in Vegas. Today he also won Zappos Rideshop on the streets of downtown. Next week we'll see Enzo at The Boardr Am Finals at X Games. Will it be three weeks in a row of firsts? We'll see. We're hopping in the Boardr Bus first thing in the morning for the next skateboard shindig in Austin, Texas next week.


Imposter Porpe at Zappos Rideshop 2015

The day before we take over the streets, looks like there's a whole different kind of skateboarding going on, or maybe that's Jorge.

Headquarters at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Over at the Zappos headquarters, there's chill out zone for staff and people in town for the Contest. Boo, Braydon, Eric, and Gravette are on pedicure duty.

Local News Hero at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Clements is the local news hero this weekend in Vegas.

Boardr Tent at Zappos Rideshop 2015

We're the first ones on the street in the morning at 6am.

Big Al and Mean Gene at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Big Al and Mean Gene figure out the course.

JammyPack at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Joey's JammyPack comes in handy for poolside chilling in Vegas.

Pros and Ams Lineup at Zappos Rideshop 2015

It was a nice lineup of pros and ams for this one.

360 Flip at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Pat Duffy, 360 filp.

No SnapChat at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Felipe can't be SnapChatted right now.

Snack Seating at Zappos Rideshop 2015

The good seats are near the snacks.

The Scene at Zappos Rideshop 2015

It's quite a scene on the closed off streets of downtown.

Chips at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Random casino chips are given out for tricks. JP came up on a $25 spot.

Frontside 360 at Zappos Rideshop 2015

David Bachinsky, frontside 360.

Autographs at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Carlos Iqui has fans.

One Foot at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Gravette kicks a foot off.

Nollie Flip at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Nick Merlino has king sized nollie flips.

Enzo 360 Flips at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Enzo had it sewed up in his first run for the win. That's a 360 flip.

DMFG at Zappos Rideshop 2015

DMFG's got your black with proper grip design.

Love Tap at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Jaws has a love tap on the bump to bar.

Ryan and Jorge at Zappos Rideshop 2015

If you were wondering about our whole crew in our red shirts repping The Boardr, it was because the city required people 'in charge' to all be wearing the same thing like these twinsies here.

Paul Hart at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Paul Hart, backside noseblunt slide to fakie.

Frontside Flip at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Chris Gregson, frontside flip.

Selfies at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Jaws goes around taking selfies with random kids. What a nice guy.

Selfies with Jaws at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Or maybe they're the ones getting selfies with him.

Congrats at Zappos Rideshop 2015

The top three were all ripping ams at this one. Congrats Enzo for taking it this year.

Nuge and Figgy at Zappos Rideshop 2015

Figgy and Nuge in Arctic jammed afterwards followed by Unwritten Law to close out the night.

Porpe at Zappos Rideshop 2015

I hope you got some drink tickets for the After-Party from this guy. Thanks again to Zappos for another fun year in Vegas.

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Zappos RideshopZappos Rideshop

5/29/2015. Winner: Enzo Cautela

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Enzo Cautela Wins The Boardr Am Las Vegas


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