Recap: Zappos Rideshop $20,000 Double Set Contest

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, April 25, 2016

For the past two years, we’ve been taking over Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas for Zappos Rideshop in Las Vegas. This year, Zappos let us have their headquarters for the day where one hour was blocked off for a best trick contest down the never before skated double set out front.

$10,000 was put up and it was on. Hopsin then signed up to perform afterwards to complete the big day in Vegas. Just days before the event, Zappos, in purse Las Vegas fashion, double down on the purse. They raised it to $20k! Here’s the list of tricks that went down and who got paid along with some photos below. Top 3 overall were Chris, Yoshi, and Enzo.

  • Kickflip Into Double Set: Jamie Foy$250
  • Switch Backside 180 Into Double Set: Trevor McClung$500
  • Heelflip Into Double Set: Adrian McCoy$500
  • Frontside Flip Into Double Set: Enzo Cautela$500
  • Backside Flip Into Double Set: Chris Joslin$500
  • Switch Heelflip Into Double Set: Nick Merlino$750
  • 360 Flip Into Double Set: Chris Joslin$1000
  • Hardflip Into Double Set: Enzo! Cautela$1000
  • Backside 360 Into Double Set: Chris Joslin$1000
  • Varial Heel Into Double Set: Enzo Cautela$1000
  • Switch Frontside Flip Into Double Set: Antonio Durao$1250
  • Backside Bigspin Into Double Set: Josh Baldwin$1250
  • Ghetto Bird Into Double Set: Chris Joslin$1500
  • Laser Flip Into Double Set: Yoshi Tanenbaum$1500
  • Late Shove Into Double Set: Frank Decker$1250
  • Big Flip Into Double Set: Yoshi Tanenbaum$1500
  • Switch Front 180 Into Double Set: Cyril Jackson$250
  • Bigger Flip Into Double Set: Chris Joslin$500

Hopsin and Clem deciding what tricks they want to do before the Contest.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Hopsin even had some time to skate with the kids before the Best Trick and the concert.

The calm before the storm.

Kids were skating everything in the court yard at the Zappos HQ.

Tent city was busy all day long.

Spank was hooking up sheets of grip all day with some rad stencils.

She said she had some tricks for the double set, but I think the contest was past her bed time because she never showed up.

There were a few SOTY's in the building for the contest.
Profile: Wes Kremer

Chris Cole took over the Zappos Snapchat for the day.
Profile: Chris Cole

He also almost got kicked out of the Contest for not having the proper credentials.
Profile: Chris Cole

Right before things got real.

First trick was this second try 3 flip from Chris Joslin.
Profile: Chris Joslin

Trevor McClung, switch back 180 with ease.
Profile: Trevor McClung

Looks like Pinch God Jamie Foy has a nice kick flip as well.
Profile: Jamie Foy

Enzo destroyed this double set. This hard flip is just a little taste of it.
Profile: Enzo Cautela

Foy got chunked on a fakie flip attempt.
Profile: Jamie Foy

If it breaks, the Boardr Boys can fix it.
Profile: Ryan Clements

This ghetto bird from Chris Joslin never even crossed anyone's mind as a possible trick down the Zappos double set.
Profile: Chris Joslin

Antonio Durao took home a cool $1,250 for making this switch frontside flip.
Profile: Antonio Durao

Frank Decker brought the weird and took home a little cash for this ollie late shuv.

It took a little power to get the landing back into place.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Enzo taking home some more cash with this front side flip.
Profile: Enzo Cautela

Yoshi Tanenbaum sending a perfect big flip.
Profile: Yoshi Tanenbaum

Josh Baldwin scooped up a little cash with this backside bigspin.
Profile: Josh Baldwin

Nick Merlino, switch heel for the crowd.
Profile: Nick Merlino

Chris Joslin shut it down with this bigger flip.
Profile: Chris Joslin

And that's all for the skateboarding on to the Awards.

The overall winners were Chris Joslin in first, Yoshi Tanenbaum in second, and Enzo taking home third place.
Profile: Chris Joslin

Hopsin in a sea of fans.

If black hit half as hard as the Hopsin show I would be few hundred bucks richer.

That's all folks. Thanks to everyone who made the jump and thanks to Zappos for letting us take over your offices for the day and night.