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Arrival in Las Vegas for Zappos Rideshop Series

Published 5/15/2014 by Rob Meronek

HiDefJoe, Clements, and I are in Las Vegas for the final finishing touches this week on the Zappos Ride Shop Series on Friday at 4pm on Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. Check the confirmed skater list here. Today we visited Big Al and Mean Gene putting together the obstacles and then conducted a field study of the event site. That included freak shows with everything Vegas you'd expect, with no open container laws and the easiest access to sinning you could possibly imagine. Given all that, it was easy to convince our favorite pro skateboarders to spend a day out here at this casual and fun Vegas style skateboarding shindig. After it all goes down, Taking Back Sunday is doing a show along with Mini Death and Idlehands. You can leave home without your wallet because no ID is needed (all ages) and no currency is required (all budgets). Yep, it's free and wide open. If you're anywhere near Las Vegas, I hope you're making it to this one. I've got a few photos from today to give you an idea of what you're in for here.


Ryan Clements Paints

Ryan Clements and Jason Rothmeyer are both blue collar and white collar. When I got there, they were both deep in the paint roller duty.

Zappos Parking Garage

Thanks to Zappos for this event and an even bigger thanks for the use of their parking garage to house our temporary skateboarding structure construction zone.

Allen Russell Beard of Nails

You might have yesterday's soup in your budget ass beard, but Big Al has nails in his.

Quarterpipe Coping Technology

Like toilet paper, mini-ramp and quarter pipe coping technology hasn't changed much in a couple decades after that giant leap we took from PVC in the late 80's.

Big Al and Mean Gene Zappos Construction

Big Al and Mean Gene shot nails through their chin drapes all day long.

Ryan Clements Blue Collar Zappos Worker

Ryan Clements can change from white collar to blue collar faster than Clark Kent to Superman.

Zappos Ride Shop Series Construction

All of this completed skateboard madness will be arranged on Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street this Friday at 4pm.

Fierce Beard Envy

While the bad ass beard bandits in the foreground get macho with the power tools, Daniel in the background could be experiencing a hairy inferiority complex.

Zappos Badges

Badges get you places here.

Zappos Yellow Paint

There's enough yellow paint to start a cab company.

Ryan Clements and HiDefJoe at Zappos

HiDefJoe has patience, even past the 20 takes mark.

Elvis Slept Here in Vegas

Now we're just wandering around the neighborhood on our way to the event site.

Las Vegas Streets With All Gear

Through the streets with stacks of gear on the back. This trip is mostly work.

Famous Las Vegas Sign

You know this sign? Find us as the base of it for some ripping skateboarding on Friday. Get the full schedule here.

Sean Eaton's Bar in Las Vegas

Sean Eaton has us all here at the After-Party. It's right in the mix.

Painting in Las Vegas

Finish your paintings, ladies. We're taking over this street in just a couple days.

El Cortez Hotel in Las Vegas

After a mixup at the Downtown Grand, Ryan ended up having to spend a couple nights here down the street. It's $23 a night. In NYC during happy hour, a single drink is $23. What a difference.

Skinny HiDefJoe in Las Vegas

This place gives you a free meal if you tip their scale at 350. HiDefJoe never thought he'd hear himself be referred to as 'too skinny.'

Rob Meronek in Las Vegas

I had to log one with my weight on there, too. If I ate HiDefJoe, I'd still have to pay for my meal.

Women Dancing on Bars in Las Vegas

Ordinary American tourists, 'Probably from Iowa,' as Ryan puts it, subjected to strip bar-ish dancing on bars in the open street. Super good.

Superman Crackhead in Las Vegas

Looks like Superman had kryptonie for dinner.

Las Vegas Tourist Shop

The chachki stores are overdose here.

HiDefJoe Slow Shutter in Las Vegas

HiDefJoe and I are on a slow shutter speed experiment right now. It's nearly 24 hours of being awake after a long day of travel today. Good night Vegas, you might not sleep but the tourists do. See you out here on Friday evening. I can't wait.

Yohei Miyazawa Flamingo Skateboarding Trick

Yohei Miyazawa works at Pharmacy Board Shop here in Vegas and is spicing up the ramps with his double flamingo work.

Yohei Miyazawa Zappos Work

Yohei's work doesn't usually involve spray paint, but he's making it happen.

Alvis Meronek in Las Vegas

I'm here with my five month old son showing him how sinning works.

Family Vacation in Vegas

It's actually full family vacation in Vegas right now when we have a break here and there. Kids are getting to know the street freak shows.

Mike Sinclair in Vegas

Team Manager with the most jobs at once, Mike Sinclair.

Allen Russell and Mean Gene Beards in Vegas

There's like 10 years of beard growing experience looking at your right now.

Jason Rothmeyer in Vegas

Jason must think there's Black Jack at this bar.

Ryan Clements and Taylor Bingaman in Vegas

We're at the pre-party at the Gold Spike. Ryan and Taylor Bingaman, recipient of Excel management services.

Chris Haslam in Vegas

Chris Haslam's jacket rips. Find him out there skating tomorrow.

Spank and HiDefJoe in Vegas

Grip Tape artist Spank is here this weekend making custom sheets for you through the entire event. He was telling us the story of how he recently go sent to jail for tagging up the street, go tazed while in his cell, and how that led to even more of a mess with the LA police. Damn. His roommate for the weekend is HiDefJoe. Stay out of Vegas prison, ya'll.

Downtown Grand Hotel in Vegas

Our day starts at just before 6am tomorrow event though the contest doesn't even start for another 12 hours after that. It's time to retire early at the hotel. We can't wait for tomorrow!

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