Everyone Can Kickflip These Days

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, May 16, 2014

My silly photography stunt for the Zappos Ride Shop contest we're hosting today in Las Vegas was to make real life Photoshop copies of my board so I could stick it to the step and repeat banner and make random strangers jump and pose like they're kickflipping. I learned that most people don't really understand how to jump. It still made for an entertaining photo set, though. Thanks to everyone that said, "how high?" when I said "jump."

I printed two copies of my skateboard on vinyl banner and cut them out with scissors caveman Photoshop style. Do you see what I had to modify on the fake boards?

HiDefJoe has a fantastic fake 360 flip.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Okay so I have to move the board higher for Evan Smith's fake 360 flip.
Profile: Evan Smith

I had to put my own fake 360 flip in there. Or maybe that's a heelflip?
Profile: Rob Meronek

Kinda cropdusting it here.

Stacey from Zappos just started skating today and she's already got a 360 flip.

Spank is doing grip tape art today but pauses to flick for you.

Sketchy Spiderman can't jump or skate. After like 10 tries, I just had to settle for this. He's rolling with a purse and a VHS copy of Coyote Ugly. What kind of flaming night is Peter Parker in for?

Spiderman is proud of his purse.

Taylor's got a casual tre bomb that matches the vibe of this contest.
Profile: Taylor Bingaman

This random dude that walked by was 67 years old. He had me take a photo on this phone for him and walked away saying, 'I'm going to show that to the whole world!'