Recap: Enzo Cautela Wins The Boardr Am Las Vegas

Posted by Jorge Angel aka Porpe on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Congrats, Enzo! He's going to The Boardr Am Series Finals at X Games in Austin to join winners from the five other stops. We've got an AirBnB there where everyone is staying and filming for the World of X Show on ESPN featuring all the skaters on the road to the Finals at X Games.

Filmer HiDefJoe with a tailslide.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Jereme Knibbs with proper form on the backside overcrook.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Ryan Clements is really enjoying those Marinela Pinguinos.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Aramis Hudson pants and nosegrind.
Profile: Aramis Hudson

A nice crowd came out for to watch amateur skaters compete for a spot in The Boardr Am Finals at X Games Austin.

Thanks Marinela for hooking up the tasty treats.

No that isn't Clint Walker, that is Jericho Smith doing a kickflip 50 down the hubba.
Profile: Jericho Smith

Nicolas Michel with a bluntslide down the rail.
Profile: Nick Michel

Cam Sedlick with a backside smith down the rail.
Profile: Cam Sedlick

Keddrick Tanner - backside smith down the long out rail.
Profile: Keddrick Tanner

The parents are stocked on The Boardr Am.

Taylor Willis with a kickflip front board down the rail.
Profile: Taylor Willis

Josh Baldwin with a front blunt down the long out rail.
Profile: Josh Baldwin

Genesis Atkins was a crowd favorite. His style reminded me of Karl Watson. Here is a casual backside tailslide.
Profile: Genesis Atkins

Enzo Cautela has a big bag of tricks. Here is a 360 flip lipslide down the rail.
Profile: Enzo Cautela

Enzo Cautela hucking a varial heel.
Profile: Enzo Cautela

Tim O'Connor and his news anchor haircut were conducting interviews at The Boardr Am at Las Vegas. I'm guess it will be highly entertaining, so be on the lookout for the edit here at
Profile: Tim O'Connor

Marinela's got you with the stacks of snacks. Thanks again for the hookup!

Jake Ilardi has been to every Boardr Am stop this year. He made his second finals appearance in Las Vegas. Here is a backtail for the crowd.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

I can't get over those pants that Aramis Hudson was wearing.
Profile: Aramis Hudson

Enzo with a proper catch on the hardflip over the rail.
Profile: Enzo Cautela

Craig Ranch is a lot of skatepark.

Bryant Chapo with a fakie flip down the one block.
Profile: Bryant Chapo

I don't know what I like better, that haircut or Rip N Dip shirt.

Congrats to everyone in the Finals at The Boardr Am at Las Vegas.

We will see Enzo Cautela at The Boardr Am Finals at X Games Austin.
Profile: Enzo Cautela