Recap: Vans Pro Skate Park Series World Championships at Malmo

Posted by Rob Meronek on Sunday, August 21, 2016

After four stops around the world to determine which Challengers would meet the pre-seeded Select Pros in the Vans Pro Skate Park Series, we had our 20 top skaters set for the first ever World Championships of park terrain skateboarding. What a show that was. A few highlights in photos and runs is below with the full broadcast reply available at

Yndiara is one of few park terrain rippers we got to know this year as the series unfolded. She ripped in both HB and here in Malmo.
Profile: Yndiara Asp

Lizzie on a boneless disaster.
Profile: Lizzie Armanto

Jordyn on a frontside transfer.
Profile: Jordyn Barratt

Brighton on a gap up to lip. Congrats on the win!
Profile: Brighton Zeuner

I had to pass the camera off to Body to shoot one of my classic meron grabs to fakie while we took a quick break before getting to work at the contest that morning.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Fresh dressed SOTY.
Profile: Ishod Wair

About one quarter of the hyped crowd.

Phelper giving the John Hancocks.
Profile: Jake Phelps

I should probably know who this local is.

SOTY and BOTY, Businessman of the Year
Profile: Ryan Clements

Brazil rolls deep.
Profile: Pedro Barros

More crowd.

Lizzie looking good out there.
Profile: Lizzie Armanto

Jordyn on a backside air in the deep.
Profile: Jordyn Barratt

I wonder if anyone got a good photo of Allysha?
Profile: Allysha Le

Lizzie on a stale fish.
Profile: Lizzie Armanto

It's Tristan's first time in Europe.
Profile: Tristan Rennie

The World Champion floats a tail grab at eye level.
Profile: Alex Sorgente

Phelper gives due praise to The Muscle.
Profile: Chris Russell

Pedro's big and powerful backside grab 540.
Profile: Pedro Barros

The World Champ and his representative.
Profile: Alex Sorgente

Rune in the crowd.
Profile: Rune Glifberg

Congrats, Alex!!
Profile: Alex Sorgente

Congrats, Brighton!!
Profile: Brighton Zeuner