Recap: Vans Pro Skate Park Series at Huntington Beach

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, August 1, 2016

Pauline and her brother David are just one of the many skate families in the contest this week.
Profile: Pauline Branom

Arianna Carmona on a frontside boneless.
Profile: Arianna Carmona

She makes it look good and fun.
Profile: Nora Vasconcellos

Julz loves poolz.
Profile: Julie Kindstrand

Jordyn Barratt on a backside air to 3rd in the Finals.
Profile: Jordyn Barratt

Lizzie Armanto on a backside ollie.
Profile: Lizzie Armanto

Nora flicking into a backside pivot.
Profile: Nora Vasconcellos

It was a nice sized crowd watching the Women's Contest.

Your judges were Jason Rothmeyer, Kyle Berard, and James Craig for this one.
Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

Vans Pro Skate Park Series at Huntington - Ryan and Sloane
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Ryan and Sloane on the mic.
Profile: Sloane Clements

Allysha Le on a mute air.
Profile: Allysha Le

Pause for a gear check. Damn.

Kisa just missed the cut for the Finals, but she's in the alternate spot for Malmo.
Profile: Kisa Nakamura

Kisa on a backside air.
Profile: Kisa Nakamura

Jordyn on a frontside ollie in the deep.
Profile: Jordyn Barratt

Hanna blew everyone away and won the Contest.
Profile: Hanna Zanzi

Yndiara Asp is here ripping from Floripa.
Profile: Yndiara Asp

Thanks for everything, Steve.
Profile: Steve Van Doren

Congrats, Hanna!
Profile: Hanna Zanzi

We'll see Brighton in Malmo. She got 4th in the Finals.
Profile: Brighton Zeuner

Scotty the Body was the wristband gatekeeper. Lots of polite letdowns in wristband requests at this one.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Leandre Sanders floats one over the hip.
Profile: Leandre Sanders

My view in the broadcast truck.
Profile: Rob Meronek

The nosebleed view was pretty good.

Zach Castillo had a super good hurricane over the loveseat.
Profile: Zach Castillo

Yoda is backside tailsliding all the way to China.
Profile: Brian Upapong

Judging involves a lot of sliding left and right and scrolling up and down.
Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

So man Snaps to be had.

Robbie frontside grinds through the corner.
Profile: Robbie Russo

Tom was looking good and grown up out there. That floater is a backside disaster.
Profile: Tom Schaar

A frontside noseblunt in the deep end corner is pretty tough.
Profile: Cody Lockwood

Jake on that lein.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Ben put his middle finger away and entertained everyone as usual.
Profile: Ben Raybourn

Ishod leans into that pocket frontside smith.
Profile: Ishod Wair

The classic California hotel view.

Ronnie Sandoval has one big fan.
Profile: Ronnie Sandoval

Erick has a ton of new fans.
Profile: Erick Winkowski

Skateboard power on the deck in the form of beverages and three shoe companies: Tom Curren, Don Brown, Steve Van Doren, Christian Hosoi, and Danny Way.
Profile: Danny Way