Vans Park Series at Vancouver

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pedro's been denied by Canadian Customs in the past, so this year when he was let through for the first time, he had some pent up energy to release on Hastings, and man did it release. Pedro's power combined with this crowd's enthusiasm made for a great Saturday afternoon of the best park skating in the world here in Vancouver. Some photos and video highlights are below.

Check the rest of the Vans Park Series stops here and find out how the whole series works here.


More Highlights

Pedro's Winning Run

We kick off the weekend with our #BoardrBoys staff meeting. Nice conference room.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Josh Borden on a back smith in the deep end.
Profile: Josh Borden

Steve Van Doren and Mario.
Profile: Steve Van Doren

That is one pointed dive bomb.
Profile: CJ Collins

Tristan floating a big backside ollie over the hip.
Profile: Tristan Rennie

I like the white grip.
Profile: CJ Collins

Patrick Ryan tucked up.
Profile: Patrick Ryan

Trey Wood, alley oop stale fish.
Profile: Trey Wood

Ryan and Rene Rene on a local raspberry break.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Where does he keep all this gear?
Profile: Jason Bothe aka Renee Renee

Tom likes the local berries.
Profile: Tom Schaar

The work zone.
Profile: Ryan Clements

I'm behind the judges the entire time.
Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

Meanwhile, Body and Dylan hold down registration.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Pedro on local media after the win.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Dan Mathieu photo: Corey on a huge frontside flip in the deep end.
Profile: Cory Juneau

Dan Mathieu photo: This crowd rules.

Dan Mathieu photo: Karl Berglind.
Profile: Karl Berglind

Dan Mathieu photo: Keegan Palmer.
Profile: Keegan Palmer

Dan Mathieu photo: Pedro's massive 540 to start his run.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Dan Mathieu photo: Pedro thanks the crowd.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Dan Mathieu photo: Congrats, Pedro.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Dan Mathieu photo: Tom Schaar.
Profile: Tom Schaar

Dan Mathieu photo: Tom Schaar.
Profile: Tom Schaar