Recap: Vans Park Series Americas Continental Championships

Posted by Rob Meronek on Sunday, August 6, 2017

There are five spots in the World Championships available to winners of each of the Continental Championships in five regions of the world. The event is wide open to anyone who wants to enter. When the dust settled, Patrick Ryan and Dora Varella, ended up securing their spots in Shanghai. Check some coverage and full results below. Find out how the entire Vans Park Series works here.

The calm before the storm.

Spencer Breaux with a back disaster in the corner.
Profile: Spencer Breaux

Hosoi stopped by to check out the action.
Profile: Christian Hosoi

Bella Kenworthy was ripping all day.
Profile: Bella Kenworthy

This feeble going took Dora Varella right into 1st place.
Profile: Dora Varella

Looks like the times have changed. Dudes are wearing more pink than girls these days.

Jordan with the smith into the corner.
Profile: Jordan Santana

Zoe Safanda on the extension.
Profile: Zoe Safanda

Steve Van Doren is having more fun than anyone.
Profile: Steve Van Doren

Sarah Thompson is here to rip AND support.
Profile: Sarah Thompson

Dora, Spencer, and Minna took home top three the in the Women's Americas Continental Championships.
Profile: Dora Varella

Little rippers on the beach.
Profile: Myles Strampello

Charlie Blair with a big frontside air.
Profile: Charlie Blair

Willy is no stranger to the Vans Park Series or huge frontside transfers.
Profile: Willy Lara

Cruise Mosberg is winning the hearts of everyone he meets.
Profile: Cruise Mosberg

Ol' Mike Rogers is in the house.
Profile: Mike Rogers

So many loud tail smacks.

Pedro Carvalho, judo air.
Profile: Pedro Carvalho

Italo Penarrubia, tail grab.
Profile: Italo Penarrubia

Continental squad.
Profile: Zion Wright

Jake Wooten, stalefish over the spine gap.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Super good crowd.

Jack Winburn with the high speed smith.
Profile: Jack Winburn

Dog of the day goes to this cutie.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Team work makes the dream work. #BoardrBoys
Profile: Ryan Clements

Not a bad place to have a skateboard contest.

Luiz blasting a stalefish.
Profile: Luiz Francisco

I wonder if she takes the trucks off this thing and surfs it.

Heimana with a proper sad plant.
Profile: Heimana Reynolds

Tate Carew blasted this tail grab.
Profile: Tate Carew

That's it for the Americas Continentals. Everyone ripped! Congrats, Patrick!
Profile: Patrick Ryan